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        Exit Sign & Emergency Exit Signs

        Exit Sign and Emergency lights

        Exit signs and emergency lighting are mandatory in case of an emergency, such as a fire. These signs are typically illuminated with battery backup and provide lighting for safety.

        An emergency exit light is a sign that is displayed in a public place to indicate the location of the nearest emergency exit.

        Emergency Exit Signs

        Emergency exit signs are typically located near the entrance of a building, indicating the nearest exit in case of an emergency. They are typically green and white and have "Emergency" or "Exit" or a "Pictogram of a Running Man" on them in large letters.

        Why is Lighting Important?

        Some people may not realise the importance of exit signs, but they are crucial in ensuring the safety of everyone in a building. Exit signs help people know which way to go if they need to evacuate to safety quickly. They also help people know when it is time to leave a building.
        Should the power turn off in an emergency, the battery backup in the light fittings will illuminate the area.

        Emergency lighting can take the form of a standard 4-foot fluorescent fitting and will switch on in the event of power failure

        Safety Signs and Exit and Emergency signs fall under different standards

        The primary Australian Standard related to Safety Signs is AS 1319 – Safety signs for the occupational environment. (Non-luminous signs)

        AS 1319 sets out the requirements for the design and use of safety signs intended for use in the occupational environment to:

        • regulate and control safety-related behaviour;
        • warn of hazards; and
        • provide emergency information, including fire protection information.

        AS 1319 does not include 'Exit' signs of the type specified in AS 2293.1 for use inside buildings.

        The Australian standard for emergency lighting is AS 2293.1:2018 - Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings. This building standard has three parts:

        • 2293.1 Part 1: System design, installation and operation
        • 2293.2 Part 2: Routine service and maintenance
        • 2293.3 Part 3: Emergency luminaires and exit signs

        A separate power circuit is required in the building. The power must be constant and not switched. 

        How to Choose an Exit sign or Safety Sign?

        When choosing an emergency exit sign, it is essential to consider the sign's purpose. Some signs are for general use, such as the "Exit" sign in a restaurant. Other signs are for specific areas, such as an emergency exit in a hospital. You may require a spitfire type of light recessed into the ceiling.

        Things to consider when installing an Emergency Exit light?

        • Location
        • Size
        • Power
        • Programming
        • Cost
        • maintenance

        Exit Signs and Safety Sign Examples

        Signs are designed with white letters labels with green backgrounds; they can be made from metal, Coreflute and perspex. Some signs are luminous and non-luminous, depending on the application. The non-luminous signs assist in minimising maintenance costs as they do not require electricity.

        Please consult with an electrical engineer or a qualified electrician to ensure that the property complies with all relevant building codes and Australian standards.

        Listed below are various variations of signs available

        • Emergency Exit - signs
        • Emergency Exit - Alarm Will Sound - signs
        • Evacuation Route - Arrow to Right - signs
        • Evacuation Route - Arrow to Left - signs
        • Exit - Arrow to Right - signs
        • Exit - Arrow to Left - signs
        • Exit - signs
        • Exit (Green letters on White Back Ground) -signs
        • Exits - Emergency Exit Only -signs
        • Exit - Running Man with Arrow Point to top Right -signs
        • Exit - Running Man with Arrow Point to top Left - signs
        • Exit - Running Man with Arrow Point to Right - signs
        • Exit - Running Man with Arrow Point to Bottom Right - signs
        • Exit - Running Man with Arrow Point to Bottom left - signs
        • Exit - Running Man with Arrow Point to Left - signs
        • Exit - Running Man - signs
        • Fire Exit - signs
        • No Exit - Black Letters white background - signs

        Examples of Exit Signs


        How to Maintain an Emergency Exit light?

        Emergency exit lights are essential for safety in case of a fire. To maintain an emergency exit light, follow these steps:

        1. Check the lighting is operational and working correctly. 2. Clean the lighting if it becomes dirty or damaged. 3. Replace the light bulb if it becomes worn out or if the lighting does not emit a bright enough light.

        In an Emergency

        Emergency exit signs are signs used to indicate that a particular area is an exit. They are typically placed near exits to warn people of their presence and remind people of the emergency procedures that should be followed in case of an emergency.