Ceiling Exhaust Fans

The benefits of exhaust fans

Exhaust fans should be used in your bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry to remove humid air before it causes mould or mildew. 
As mentioned above, one of the main benefits an exhaust fan offers your home living spaces is better ventilation. But, there are some other benefits to consider:

  • They help remove excess moisture (wet air) – exhaust fans pull excess moisture from different areas and expel it, removing it permanently from your home. This action can be especially helpful in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.
  • They remove smoke and odors – we’ve all experienced that burnt toast smell, or the smell from your Xmas fish and prawn buffet. These devices help to quickly remove smoke and odors, making your indoor air more breathable and enjoyable.

They help improve comfort and maintain circulation increasing your overall indoor comfort.
Some units offer ducting to take the air outside in a duct, or a shutters to prevent the air returning, they come in square, round and rectangle shapes. The amount of air extraction also varies and it depends how powerful you require the fan to be.
Sparky Direct has a great range of the most popular exhaust fans styles in white and silver.
If you are looking for a very popular easy to use, quiet and efficient ceiling exhaust fans, look no further than the Clipsal by Schneider Airflow CE200 (200mm) or CE250 (250mm) round exhaust fan.