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        Pica Marker

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        Pica Marker: The Trusted Choice for Electricians and Tradesmen

        Electricians and tradespeople! Looking for a marking solution that can take your productivity and accuracy to new heights? Look no further than Pica Marker!
        We understand your job is tough, so they have designed markers that prioritize your experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Join countless professionals who have revolutionized their marking game with Pica Marker.

        Pica Marker - Precision and Durability

        When it comes to marking electrical systems, precision and durability are key. Using cutting-edge technology and materials ensures the markers perform exceptionally well in any environment. With Pica Marker, you'll get top-notch markers that can handle the demanding conditions of your trade. Whether you need to label wires, identify circuit breakers, or anything in between, Pica Marker's got your back with our unmatched experience in electrical marking.

        Designed for the Professional Tradesperson

        Pica Marker has been leading the electrical marking industry for years. Their team of experts knows the ins and outs of your profession. With their expertise, you can count on markers tailored to your unique needs as an electrician or tradesperson. Pica markers meet the highest industry standards.

        Reliable Partner

        pica and Sparky Direct are not just about selling markers – we want to be your reliable partner in all your marking endeavours. We understand your challenges, so Pica designed their features to make your job easier and more efficient. From quick-drying ink to ergonomic grips, every detail is carefully considered to enhance your experience and ensure accurate results. Pica empowers you with tools that help you excel in your trade.

        Trust in Pica Markers

        When it comes to marking tools, trust is everything. Pica Marker has earned the trust of electricians and tradespeople worldwide. Their markers undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance. They are committed to excellence, and it shows in every one of the products. When you choose Pica Marker, you're investing in tools that will stand the test of time and deliver outstanding results, project after project.

        Choose Pica Marker

        The trusted choice for electricians and tradespeople like you. Pica markers combine experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness to provide a solution that goes above and beyond. Experience the difference Pica Marker brings to your electrical marking tasks and unlock a new level of productivity and accuracy. Let's make your mark with confidence and efficiency! Join the community of professionals who rely on Pica Marker for all their marking needs.

        Sparky Direct's Four Best-selling Pica Markers.

        1. Pica Marker PIC150-46: The Pica Marker PIC150-46 is designed for marking deep holes. It features an orange body and is a permanent marker.

        2. Pica Marker 7070: The Pica Marker 7070 is a fine dry marker with 5 x 0.9mm leads. It is designed for long-lasting use and offers an automatic lead extension mechanism. 

        3. Pica Marker 532-52: The Pica Marker 532-52 is a classic marker that provides instant white permanent marking. It is commonly used in construction and industrial applications. 

        4. Pica Marker 6060: The Pica Marker 6060 is a big dry marker designed for construction purposes. It offers long-lasting performance and is suitable for marking on various surfaces. 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: Can you refill a Pica marker?

        A: Yes, Pica markers are refillable. You can purchase replacement cartridges from Sparky Direct

        Q: What is pica ink?

        A: Pica ink is a water-based ink designed to be long-lasting and fade-resistant. It is also non-toxic and safe for use on a variety of surfaces.

        Q: Where are Pica markers made?

        A: Pica markers are made in Germany.

        Q: Who owns Pica pencil?

        A: Pica pencil is owned by the German company Pica Innovative Marking Tools.