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Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Clipsal Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fan Lights, Clipsal Airflow, Hunter pacific, Mercator, Swift,  3 blade metal, 3 blade white and more

The benefits of Ceiling Fans

Clipsal Ceiling fans provide a naturally quite and energy saving cooling solution. Most ceiling fans use only 60 watts of power, this is the same amount of power that is used by a standard incandescent light bulb, which works out to be about 1-2 cents per hour to run...

Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Electrical Supplies and suppliers do not only sell power points and light switches... the times are changing.. and for the better.

These days the technology has changed so much, that it seems that every day there is a new product that will make revolutionise the market. Energy Efficiency products, Electrical Sensor, Solar electrical supplies, Clipsal Home Hub, Clipsal Saturn, Automation, NBN and more...

Even the way we purchase has changed, it used to be that only electrical contractors could buy electrical products from major electrical wholesalers in a bricks and mortar shop.
Now mums and dads, DIYers and of course electricians are choosing to buy their electr...

Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Light Switches Reviewed

Select from a huge range of light switches at Sparky Direct.

We stock leading brands like Clipsal, HPM, Pulset, Clipsal Saturn, Hager, PDL and more.

When looking for light switches there are many factors you must consider,

    Are you replacing light switches?
    Are you building a new home?
    Are you trying to set a theme with new modern looking light switches?
    Are you looking for Light Switches with bonus Functionality

Are you replacing a light switc...

Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Hi Guys,

I hope you are well,

Thanks to your feedback, we have found another way that will save you TIME and MONEY.

No need to waste your time phoning us to ask for specific details regarding your oven replacement  elements, We have painstakingly added all the details of most major oven parts into our online catalogue.

We have carefully measured and recorded the demensions of each element and trim ring.

It is now so much easier for you to select the right oven / stove element for your job.

We have improved the selecting process 3 ways


Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Yes, it will save both electricity usage and some money.

When you dim a light it actually reduces the electricity usage and saves you money.

-The answer lies in the way a dimmer works

It has a Triac semiconductor that switches the current on and off 100 times a second.

When in the off position  - no electricity gets used and the light is off

When in the on Position  - Electricity gets used and the light is on

Therefore the longer the light is in the off position during the cycle -...

Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Australia’s Most Universal USB Mechanism Will Suit 30 Series Clipsal Plates
including Clipsal 2000 Series™, C2000™, Saturn™ Data, Slimline® and Standard

Clipsal has just released a USB charging mech to suits their popular 30 series range of power points and light switches.
The mechanism simply clips into any compatible 30 series Clipsal plates.
Clipsal's 30USBCM - USB charging mechanism is Australian approved and certified.

Now there is no need to have those bulky USB charger packs plugged in to your power point, the sleek Clipsal 30USBCM p...

Sparky Direct offer the lowest price Clipsal switches in a range of styles and colours,

From Clipsal Saturn light switches to Clipsal Classic light switches, we stock the most popular range and sell thousands of items weekly.

Choose from the drop down menu above or simply type your request in the search bar.

You will be amazed by the amount of Clipsal switches and Outlets that we can provide at fantastic prices.

If you need help selecting the correct switch for your application please give us a call or click the contact us on the left of this page.

Happy Shopping

Regards Andrew