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        Clipsal Iconic Switches

        Learn more by watching our Clipsal Iconic Switches video

        Clipsal Iconic Switches & Dimmers

        Welcome to the world of Clipsal Iconic, where innovation meets style and convenience.

        Clipsal Iconic is a revolutionary range of switches and power points designed to meet your needs.

        With a wide range of customisable features, Clipsal Iconic can be tailored to suit your style and requirements.

        What makes the Clipsal Iconic range the ultimate choice for your home, office, or commercial space?

        Clipsal Changeable Skins:

        Clipsal Iconic comes with changeable skins that allow you to change the look and feel of your switches and power points to match your décor.

        With a wide range of colours and finishes, you can easily transform the look of your switches and power points without needing any tools.

        Pre-Mounted Screws:

        The pre-mounted screws make the installation process easier and quicker, reducing the time required for installation.

        Translucent Edge:

        The translucent edge of Clipsal Iconic enhances the design and adds an extra element of style to the switches and power points.

        Protective Flaps:

        The protective flaps on Clipsal Iconic provide an extra layer of safety, ensuring that the switches and power points are protected from dust and other particles.

        Mechs with LED option:

        The mechs with the LED option on Clipsal Iconic provide an easy way to locate switches in the dark.

        Plain or Personalised Rockers:

        The stylish dolly rockers are designed in various colours and pictograms to help easily identify the area or device they are intended for use.

        Colour Matched Skins:

        Clipsal Iconic offers colour-matched skins that complement the look and feel of your switches and power points.

        ControlLink Connectivity:

        Clipsal Iconic offers ControlLink connectivity that lets you easily control a group of lights. This feature is perfect for those wanting multi-way control over their lights.

        Wiser Room App:

        The Wiser Room App lets you easily configure and control your Clipsal Iconic switches and power points from your smartphone or tablet.

        Easy Configuration:

        Clipsal Iconic is easy to configure and install, making it an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free experience.

        1 - 100% Illumination:

        Clipsal Iconic offers a range of switches and power points that provide 1 - 100% illumination, giving you complete control over the lighting in your space.

        Bluetooth Connectivity:

        Clipsal Iconic offers Bluetooth connectivity to control your switches and power points from your smartphone or tablet.

        Clipsal Iconic Range:

        Clipsal Iconic comes in a range of types, including single switch, single switch with dimmer, double power point with switch, sockets with USB charger, and 3 gang USB charger with shelf. With so many options, you will find a Clipsal Iconic product that suits your needs. 

        Clipsal Iconic is the ultimate choice for electrical system needs due to its advanced features, customisable options, modular design, and aesthetic appeal for modern homes and businesses. Look no further if you're after Clipsal Iconic Switches, Mechanisms, and Dimmers. View our extensive range at excellent prices and shop online for nationwide delivery and Save! Browse the entire Clipsal Iconic Range.


        Clipsal Iconic is unavailable at Bunnings - Sparky Direct sells Clipsal Iconic to thousands of customers looking for a functional, easy-to-use range. 

        Below are some questions and answers that we commonly get asked.

        Question 1: Can you use Clipsal Iconic with Google Home?


        No, Clipsal Iconic is not supported by Google Home. However, you can get Bluetooth devices run via an app to turn lights on and off, dim and set timers. Sparky Direct offer these Bluetooth devices; they can integrate with all iconic switch plates, and Clipsal's engineers have made them easy to use and operate.

        Question 2: Can you use regular switches on Clipsal Iconic?


        You can't use standard switches on the Clipsal Iconic grid plates. The switches require a Clipsal 40 series Mechanism - the Iconic plate has a unique locking system to hold the mechanisms in place. 30 series, HPM, Hager and other non-40 series mechanisms will not work.