Clipsal Iconic Switches

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Clipsal Iconic is not available at Bunnings - Sparky Direct sells Clipsal Iconic to thousands of customers who are looking for a functional easy to use range. 

Below are some questions and answers that we commonly get asked.

Question 1:

Can you use Clipsal iconic with Google Home?


No, Clipsal Iconic is not supported by Google Home, However you can get bluetooth devices run via an app to turn lights on and off, dim and set timers. Sparky Direct offer these bluetooth devices, they can integrate with all iconic switch plates and the Clipsal's engineers have made them easy to use and operate.

Question 2:

Can you use normal switches on Clipsal iconic?


No, you can't use normal switches on the clipsal Iconic grid plates,the switches require a Clipsal 40 series Mechanism - the Iconic plate has a special locking system to hold the mechanisms in place. 30 series, HPM, Hager and other non 40 series mechanisms will not work.