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        Single Pole RCBO

        Understanding the Single Pole RCBO

        What is a Single Pole RCBO?

        The single pole RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection) is an essential electrical safety device used in residential and commercial settings. It combines the functions of a safety switch (also known as an Earth leakage breaker) and a miniature circuit breaker (MCB/RCD) in a single unit. The single pole RCBO protects against electrical overloads and earth fault currents, making it a versatile and crucial component in modern electrical systems.

        Benefits of a Single Pole RCBO

        The single pole RCBO offers several advantages over traditional circuit breakers. Here are some key benefits:

        1. Enhanced Safety: The primary advantage of a single pole RCBO is its ability to provide comprehensive electrical protection. It safeguards against overloads and detects even tiny leakage currents, which could be potentially dangerous.

        2. Space-Saving Design: With its combination of functions, the single pole RCBO eliminates the need for separate safety switches and circuit breakers, resulting in significant space savings in electrical panels.

        3. Ease of Installation: Installing a single pole RCBO is straightforward, especially in retrofit applications. It replaces a single module in the electrical panel, simplifying the upgrading process.

        4. Selective Tripping: The single pole RCBO allows for selective tripping, meaning that only that circuit will be disconnected if a fault occurs in one circuit. At the same time, the rest of the electrical installation remains operational.

        Understanding the Terminology

        Different Terms Used to Describe Single Pole RCBO

        The single pole RCBO is known by various terms in different regions. It is important to understand these terms to ensure clear communication and compatibility when working with electrical systems. Some alternative names for a single pole RCBO include:

        1. Single pole Earth Leakage Breakers: this term is commonly used to describe single pole RCBOs in Australia.

        2. RCBO Safety Switch: In some regions, the single pole RCBO is called an RCBO safety switch, emphasizing its dual functionality as a safety switch and a circuit breaker.

        3. Combined RCD and Circuit Breaker: This term highlights the integration of residual current detection (RCD) and circuit breaker features within a single unit.

        4. MCB/RCD: Basic terminology.

        Comparing Single Pole RCBO and MCB

        Single Pole RCBO vs. MCB

        While the single pole RCBO and the MCB protect electrical circuits, there are significant differences between the two. Here's a comparison:

        1. Functionality: A single pole RCBO combines the functions of a safety switch and a circuit breaker, providing protection against both overloads and Earth fault currents. On the other hand, an MCB only protects against overloads.

        2. Detection Capability: The single pole RCBO can detect leakage currents as low as a few milliamperes, making it highly sensitive to earth faults. MCBs, however, do not have this capability and cannot detect earth faults.

        3. Space Efficiency: Since a single pole RCBO integrates two functions into one unit, it saves valuable space in electrical panels compared to installing separate MCBs and safety switches.

        4. Flexibility: Single pole RCBOs offer selective tripping, allowing targeted disconnection of faulty circuits while keeping the rest of the electrical installation operational. MCBs do not have this feature.

        Exploring Different Brands of Single Pole RCBOs

        Clipsal Single Pole RCBO

        Clipsal Max9 Range is a renowned brand that offers a range of high-quality Clipsal single pole RCBOs. Their products are known for their reliability and excellent performance in electrical installations.

        Hager Single Pole RCBO

        Hager is another trusted brand in the field of electrical protection devices. Hager single pole RCBOs are known for their advanced features, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

        NLS Single Pole RCBO

        NLS is a reputable supplier of electrical components, including single pole RCBOs. NLS single pole RCBOs are known for their lower price to market and reliability, making them a popular choice among professionals.

        Terasaki Single Pole RCBO

        Terasaki offers a comprehensive range of Terasaki single pole RCBOs that prioritize safety and performance. Their products are designed to meet the highest standards and ensure the protection of electrical circuits.

        Reasons to Choose Single Pole RCBO vs. 2 Module RCBO

        Space-Saving Design

        Single pole RCBOs prove advantageous for installations with limited space due to their compact design. Compared to 2 Module RCBOs, single pole RCBOs occupy less space in electrical panels, allowing for more efficient use of available space.


        Single pole RCBOs are the preferred choice in some electrical systems due to their compatibility with specific installations. It's essential to consider the requirements and specifications of the electrical system to ensure optimal performance and compatibility when choosing between a single pole RCBO and a 2 module RCBO.

        The single pole RCBO is a versatile and essential electrical safety device, offering enhanced protection against overloads and earth faults. Its functions, space-saving design, and selectivity make it a compelling choice for residential and commercial applications. Various reputable brands, such as Clipsal, Hager, NLS, and Terasaki, offer reliable single pole RCBOs and are all available to buy online at Sparky Direct, Australia's favourite electrical supplier.

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