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        SDI Cable

        As an Electrician, you may be familiar with SDI Cable or Single Double Insulated Cable. This cable type is designed with an inner insulating layer and an outer jacket that provides additional insulation. SDI Cable is commonly used in various electrical applications, including power and lighting circuits, and is highly regarded for its durability and flexibility. At Sparky Direct, we offer a range of high-quality SDI Cables that meet Australian standards, ensuring that you can trust the performance and safety of our products. 

        How is SDI Cable Rated?

        SDI Cable is rated based on several factors, including its voltage rating, current-carrying capacity, and temperature rating. The voltage rating of the SDI Cable refers to the maximum voltage the cable can safely handle without breaking down or causing damage to the surrounding electrical components. On the other hand, current-carrying capacity refers to the maximum amount of electrical current that the cable can safely carry without overheating or causing a fire hazard. Temperature rating is another essential factor, as SDI Cable must withstand high temperatures without melting or degrading. The manufacturer specifies these ratings, and is often printed on the cable jacket to help electricians select the appropriate cable for their specific application.

        Sparky Direct's SDI Cables are designed to meet specific Australian electrical codes and safety standards and come in various sizes, usually measured in gauge or cross-sectional area.

        • 1.0mm², 1.5mm²,2.5mm², 4mm², 6mm², 10mm² and 16mm² SDI Cable
        • The current carry capacity depending on installation methods, ranges from, as an example, 1.0mm² = 10 amps upto 16mm² = 63 amps (Always contract a licenced electrician for all electrical work connected to a power source)

        In Australia, what do the colours of the Cable represent?

        SDI Cables are colour-coded to identify their function. Our SDI cables have an external white protective sheath, with either a black inner sheath covering the wire commonly used for neutral or a red inner sheath covering the wire for the active conductor. 

        The correct installation and use of single double insulated cables are crucial for an electrical system's safety and proper functioning. A licensed electrician or a qualified electrical contractor should connect electrical wires to a power source. 

        Commonly used SDI Cable accessories:

        • Heat shrink is used when protecting the cable.
        • Lugs are used to SDI cables to a busbar.
        • Cable connectors are used to join SDI cables.
        • Lube is used to pull cable through conduit easily.

        Electricians use these tools to work with SDI.

        A practical use case for SDI Cable.

        Installing lights with SDI Cable

        One practical use case for using SDI cables in a residential property is for installing lights into a property. SDI Cable is an excellent choice for this application as it is designed to be flexible and easy to install, making it ideal for running through walls and ceilings to reach light fixtures.

        Installing fans with SDI Cable

        Electricians use SDI cable when installing fans with lights - they run the SDI beside a twin and earth; this cable allows the fanlight to be turned on or off separately from the fan itself.

        SDI cable is also used when installing two or four heat fans and lights, allowing for more control of the appliances by adding extra light switches

        Are you looking for SDI Cables in various sizes and colours? Look no further than Sparky Direct! We offer an extensive range of SDI Cable in sizes 1.0mm², 1.5mm², 2.5mm², 4mm², 6mm², 10mm², and 16mm², all available in red and black. 

        Sparky Direct offers high-quality and reliable SDI Cable, perfect for general wiring applications. Our cable features an easy-to-peel sheath for added convenience and ease of use. Whether you're a professional electrician, air conditioner installer, or licensed electrical contractor, you can trust our SDI Cable for your next project. With incredible prices and nationwide delivery, shopping with us means saving money without compromising quality. Browse our selection today and start your next project with confidence.

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