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        Puma GSM Trader Power Points

        Trader’s Puma range of Power Point sockets are ready for use by Australian Electrical Contractors.


        • Fits standard mounting accessories.

        • Screw fastened base plate (others have moved to a clip-on base).

        • Interchangeable - Mix n’ match with other brands.

        • Cable Clamp Feature - unique cable securing point may eliminate the need for a shroud (Cable clamp restraint point satisfies the requirement of AS/NZS3000:2007 Clause

        • Individually packaged with the product label and barcode.

        • Terminals are large and in line for ease of installation.

        • Yellowing Resistant - made from Polycarbonate (Not ABS) which means cover plates resist discolouration. Trader switches and sockets are made from 100% Virgin Polycarbonate.

        • Products are fully certified and compliant with Australian standards

        • Robust terminals with plenty of wiring space.

        • Switchplates can accommodate other clip-in Trader modules or equivalents in the market.

        • Full cover plate design.