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        Legrand Excel Life Switches

        Learn all about the Legrand Excel Life Switches here at Sparky Direct [ Read More ]

        Legrand Excel Life: Classic Elegance Meets Modern Functionality

        The Legrand Excel Life represents a unique blend of timeless styling with cutting-edge performance. It is designed to meet the most demanding functional requirements while complementing various interior aesthetics. With its robust design and versatile range, the Legrand Excel Life can seamlessly integrate into any residential or commercial environment.

        A Comprehensive Range to Suit Every Requirement

        The Legrand Excel Life series comes in various configurations to cater to your needs. It features standard rocker switches rated for 16A fluoro, providing robust and reliable functionality. In addition, single and double options are available, with a capacity of up to 40A, ensuring that all your power requirements are efficiently handled.

        Intermediate switch mechanisms are included in the range, offering additional flexibility and control in your hands. With the choice of colours, including white and black, you have the freedom to match the switch to your decor, thus maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

        Let Legrand Excel Life Illuminate your space.

        The Legrand Excel Life series extends its innovative functionality with an additional feature that enhances usability and aesthetic appeal - rockers with illuminated LED rings.

        Add the EM770LEDWE mechanism into any standard 16A or 20A EM770 rocker switch, and you can experience a striking fusion of contemporary technology with a classic design. These illuminated LED rings create a modern, tech-inspired look and provide a visual indicator for your switches. Also, they offer flexibility in operation as they can be wired to remain continuously illuminated or only light up when the switch is in either the ON or OFF position. Add this feature to your switches and brighten up your life. 

        Innovative Design for Enhanced Hygiene

        In environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, the Legrand Excel Life series brings in a unique advantage. It includes antimicrobial switches designed explicitly for hygiene-sensitive environments. These switches inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, ensuring a clean, safe environment at all times.


        Q: What colours do the Legrand Excel Life switches come in?

        A: Sparky Direct sells the Legrand Excel Life switches in white or black.

        Q: What is the current rating for the standard rocker switches in the Excel Life series?

        A: The standard rocker switches in the Excel Life series are rated for 16A fluoro.

        Q: Are there any special features available for hygiene-sensitive environments?

        A: The Excel Life series includes antimicrobial switches explicitly designed for hygiene-sensitive environments. These switches inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, ensuring a safer environment.

        Q: What is the function of the intermediate switch mechanisms in the Excel Life series?

        A: The intermediate switch mechanisms offer additional flexibility and control over your electrical systems, allowing for 3-way, 4-way switching and enhancing the overall user experience.