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        Batten Holder

        Batten Holder: Quality Bayonet Batten holders for Sale  

        A BC batten holder light is a great way to add extra light to your home or office. They are easy to install for an electrician and can be used in various locations. 

        What is a Bayonet Batten Holder?

        A batten holder is simply a plastic double insulated bulb holder in layman's terms. The bayonet batten holder can accept a B22 pin bayonet cap bulb.
        BC stands for Bayonet Cap

        Why Use a Batten Holder for your Lighting?

        A batten holder is a cost-effective way to add extra light to your home or office.  Batten holders are carried in most electricians' vans and are usually installed as a temporary light fitting before actually installing a fancy light fitting after handover.
        Bayonet batten holders are typically installed in rental properties, toilets, and utility rooms. 
        Batten fix light fittings can be installed to cover the batten holder and bulb to provide a diffused light and add style to the fixture. 

        Batten holders are used in locations that require double insulation or, in other words, where there is no earth wire at the light fitting.

        How to Install a Batten Holder Light?

        An electrician is legally required to install a batten holder in Australia.

        What are the different parts of a batten holder?

        Batten holders consist of 3 parts.

        1. Tough polycarbonate base with normally 50mm mounting centres.
        2. Threaded PVC Skirt.
        3. Threaded Internal PVC B22 Bayonet with metallic contacts: Active, Neutral, Earth and a loop terminal.

        Lights and Lamps 

        These fittings are rated at 240 Volts and 10 amps
        Compatible bulbs or lamps are LED BayonetEnergy SaversDimmable BC LED, and Fancy round Bulbs, to name a few.
        These batten lamp holders can be installed on the wall or ceilings

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