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        Clipsal Classic Switch

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        How To Choose The Right Clipsal Switch

        Choosing the right Clipsal switch is a personal, situational or design choice. There are many styles of Clipsal switches, each with its own benefits and features. How do you know which Clipsal switch is right for you?

        Decide the Purpose of Your Clipsal Switch

        The first step in choosing the right Clipsal switch is deciding the purpose of the switch. Are you looking for a single-switch (1 gang), a multi-way switch (multi-gang) or a combination switch?

        Clipsal Single Gang Light Switch

        Single gang Clipsal switches are perfect for simple tasks, like turning lights on and off. 

        Clipsal Multi-Way or 2-way light switch

        Multi-way switches have two light switches to control two different lights. They come in handy when you want to turn two lights on or off at the same time or when you want to add extra light to a room.

        Combination Switches

        combination Clipsal switch has light switches and power points built into the same plate. Perfect for bathrooms - so you can use the hairdryer in the power outlet and turn the light switch above the mirror with the light switch. 

        Consider the Clipsal Light Switch Specifications

        Do you need the switch to be:

        • Standard 10amp Clipsal light switch for general purpose
        • 20amp Clipsal Light switch for larger loads like small hot water systems, pumps etc
        • 32amp Clipsal light switch for oven control and larger motors
        • Designed as a Stove isolator

        Choose the Clipsal Light Switch based on your Needs

        If you only need a standard one gang 10amp Clipsal light switch, choose a standard 10amp light switch. If you need a 20amp switch for larger loads, choose a 20amp light switch. And if you need a 32amp switch for oven control and larger motors, choose a 32amp light switch.

        Choose a Coloured Cover for your Clipsal Light Switches

        Brushed aluminium Clipsal Light Switch Covers are a favourite choice to spruce a room quickly. This colour matches perfectly with bathroom mirrors and light fittings. Or add them to your kitchen light switches to complement your stainless steel appliances.

        Some Clipsal switches also come in Black.

        How to change your cover on Clipsal Classic Light Switches

        The covers pull off with your hands, grab either side and pull towards you, and the cover should pop off. Sometimes paint makes them stick to the wall, so it is advised to carefully run a Stanley knife around the perimeter of the switch first, then carefully pop the cover off. 

        To replace the Clipsal Switches cover, push it into place, and the tabs will hold it firmly.