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        Cable Duct

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        Cable Duct - Electrical Ducting for Cable Management

        Cable ducts are a great way to organise and protect electrical cables. They are made of PVC, which is a durable and flexible material. Cable ducts or electrical ducts as they are commonly known, can be installed in various locations, including walls, floors, and ceilings. They are also available in multiple sizes and colours so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

        In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, cable ducts offer several safety benefits. They can help prevent electrical fires by keeping cables organised and providing cable segregation from coaxial and power cables. They can also help prevent children and pets from being electrocuted by exposed wires.

        Benefits of Using Cable Duct Systems

        Cable duct systems are about more than just hiding unsightly cables. Here are some of the benefits of installing an electrical cable duct system:

        • Safety: Provides mechanical protection to prevent damage to cables. Avoid tripping over cables and wires when cables are installed in an electrical cable duct. An adequately installed cable duct significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires, preventing wires from overheating and keeping them away from flammable materials.
        • Organisation: By segregating cables based on their function, cable ducts help keep your wiring system tidy and easily navigable.
        • Protection: Cable duct systems guard the electrical cables against physical damage, extending their life.
        • Aesthetics: Duct systems effectively hide cables, contributing to your space's clean, clutter-free appearance.
        • Easy Maintenance: Thanks to their organised layout, identifying and rectifying issues becomes much easier with a cable duct system.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Here, we've gathered answers to some common questions about cable duct systems.

        Q: What is a Cable Duct?
        A: A cable or electrical duct is a conduit or channel designed to protect and route electrical wiring in a building or structure. They provide a secure pathway for the cables, safeguarding them from physical damage and reducing clutter.

        Q: What tools are required to install the cable duct?
        A: Installation of a cable duct system is typically straightforward. 

        • Measuring Tape: To measure the length of the cable duct needed and the distance from where the duct will be installed.
        • Pencil or Marker: To mark the spots where you'll attach the cable duct.
        • Level: To ensure the ducting is installed evenly and straight.
        • Saw or PVC Pipe Cutter: If you need to cut the duct to a specific length. A hacksaw or a PVC pipe cutter can usually do the job for plastic ducts.
        • Screwdriver or Drill: To secure the duct to the wall or floor. A battery drill will make the job easier if installed on a hard surface.
        • Screws and Wall Plugs: To affix the ducting to the wall or floor. The type of screws and wall plugs you need will depend on the surface you install the ducting.
        • Wire Puller: To help guide the cables through the duct.

        Q: Can I use a Cable Duct in my home?
        Absolutely! Cable duct systems are highly versatile and can be used in various settings, including homes, offices, factories, etc. They help keep your space tidy, safe, and well-organised.

        Q: What colour does the cable duct come in?
        A: At Sparkydirect, we offer ducting in white and brown.

        Incorporating our cable duct systems can significantly improve your wiring infrastructure's safety, aesthetics, and efficiency. So whether you're an electrician or a DIY enthusiast, discover how our range of cable ducts can enhance your space today.