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        A powerpoint mounting bracket is required to install powerpoints and light switches securely and neatly on the wall. The brackets come in a variety of styles and designs. The metal brackets tend to be made of metal approximately 1.0mm thick.

        They can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The single gang mounting brackets are spaced at 84mm centers. Switchgear is designed to fasten on with screws that fit perfectly in these dimensions.

        Guide: Types of powerpoint mounting brackets

        Metal bracket, powerpoint mounting bracket, stud bracket, quad bracket

        Horizontal or vertical powerpoint mounting brackets are also known as stud brackets or flat nail brackets. The nails on the metal brackets are supplied and attached to the bracket, so they are easy to install just by hitting the nails in with a hammer. Some of these metal brackets have a 90° bend, so they can easily be screwed to the timber, metal joists, or studs. Stud brackets also are available as universal stud brackets, so they can either be nailed or screwed as required by the electrician or tradesperson.

        Plaster brackets

        Plaster brackets are designed so that they fix flat onto brickwork or behind plasterboard. They are normally installed with low-profile screws or nylon knock-ins to prevent the top of the fixing from bulging out the plaster or cement render. They can also be installed on timber or metal stud frames should an installer find it difficult to use the more common powerpoint mounting bracket style. 

        C clip, C bracket or U clip bracket

        Most commonly called a C bracket as it appears to be shaped like a letter C, is a very popular type of bracket for mounting power points or light switches to a gyprock wall. They can be installed after the board has been installed. Various types of clips suit different gyprock board widths - the most common is 10mm. However, C brackets are available to fit thicker 19-25mm plasterboard.
        Slimline C brackets are available for slimline power points and switches, these are specially designed to allow for the slim profile of these types of switches, so the screw recesses into the plate.

        Tools to make the C Bracket installation easy

        Cabac Blue Monkey  - The Blue Monkey™ template ensures LEVEL, FAST, CLEAN, ACCURATE installations every time. 

        Power Point Mate  - Makes powerpoint installation easy - vertical and horizontal level - and perfect cutout for C Brackets.

        Extension screws - Ideal for installing switch plates or power points socket outlets onto tiles as they are 50mm long.

        Fire-rated and acoustic wall boxes

        Fire-rated wall boxes are designed to protect your property from fire. These boxes have a time rating in a fire. They are typically made from steel or aluminium and have a fire-resistant liner.

        Wall boxes with fire and acoustic ratings can be used in both cavity and masonry wall applications.
        Specific models are designed for differing wall constructions. Fire and acoustic wall boxes are typically made of metal construction. 
        These products come with rubber pads, a rubber gasket, and an earth lug. Installers must adhere to strict installation requirements when installing these wall boxes to ensure they comply with relevant standards.

        Quad powerpoint mounting bracket

        Quad powerpoint stud brackets are designed to fit switchgear with 4 outlets in 1, or when you require standard switchgear to be installed in a neat fashion side by side, this type of wall clip provides adequate spacing to make installation easy.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        What are the standard heights to install a powerpoint mounting bracket?

        The standard measurements for

        • Powerpoint mounting brackets of the floor: 300mm to center
        • Light switches stud brackets from the floor: 1350mm to center
        • Powerpoint stud brackets on benches from the floor: 1150mm to center

         Please note heights vary from job to job and different requirements  - light switches are commonly installed lower for easier access for people in wheelchairs. 

        How do you install a C Clip, C Bracket, or U Clip?

        • Measure the height of the other wall plates in the room - so they all look even.
        • Place the plaster bracket - c-clip on the wall and draw in pencil the internal C-shape of the bracket - draw around the curved section of the plate too - mark where the screw hole will be as well, turn the plate upside down and line up the screw holes on the side and draw on the wall the internal of the c-shape again, this will leave you with a rectangle shape with 2 wings for the screw.
        • Cut out the rectangle with a gyprock saw.
        • Insert the C-Clip through the hole holding onto the 2 tabs that are coming off the bottom of the c-clip, the flat section of the c-clip with the screw holes should be touching the internal section of the gyprock and the 2 taps should be pushed down over the Gyprock to hold the bracket in place.
        • Looking at the wall now, you should see 2 tabs holding the bracket in place on the bottom of your cut rectangle, and if you look through the right and left sides of the rectangle, you will see the bracket holes.
        • Now simply screw your powerpoint, light switch, audio plate etc to the c-clip for a secure installation.

        Can a powerpoint mounting bracket be installed horizontally and vertically?

        Yes, powerpoint mounting brackets can be installed horizontally and vertically.

        What are stud brackets used for?

        Stud brackets are used to mount a light switch, powerpoint, or other electrical devices to the wall.

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