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        Outdoor Wall Lights - Stylish Lights to transform your exterior.

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        Your Handy Guide to Outdoor Wall Lights

        Outdoor wall lights can make your outdoor spaces shine and feel super welcoming. If you want to add glow to your garden, patio, or front door area, here's the lowdown on choosing the right light. From LED outdoor lights to decorative ones, there's something to match every style and need.

        Which outdoor wall light is for me?

        Picking outdoor wall lights is about finding what matches your space and style. Think about the purpose. Do you want to highlight your verandahs or add a cozy glow to your patio?

        Size matters too. Bigger areas might need bigger or multiple lights, while cozy corners might need a small, stylish touch. And if you're thinking about your electricity bill, LED outdoor wall lights are the way to go. They last long and are energy-efficient.

        Here's a peek at some popular outdoor light types:

        • Lanterns: Classic lights that hang or stick to the wall, giving a timeless charm.
        • Spotlights: Bright lights that focus on specific spots highlight features.
        • Flush-mount lights: These sit flat against the wall, giving a modern, neat look.
        • Motion sensor lights light up when they sense movement, perfect for entrances.

        What's trending in outdoor wall lights in 2023?

        Outdoor lighting styles keep changing. Here's what builders and renovators are loving now:

        • Simple and sleek: No-fuss designs that look neat and stylish.
        • Rustic vibes: Lights with a natural, old-world charm are big hits.
        • Smart outdoor lights: Lights you can control with an app or voice are getting popular. Great for those nights when you forget to turn them off!

        What's the top pick?

        LED outdoor wall lights are the favourites right now. They're pocket-friendly in the long run and durable, and perfect for all weather conditions. They offer bright and clear light, making your outdoor spaces safe and inviting. Plus, with the latest LED options, you can play around with colours and even some cool techy features to set the perfect mood.

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