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        Knee Pads

        Knee Pads: Indispensable accessories and tools for trade professionals

        In the trade industry, where physical labour and hands-on work are prevalent, knee pads play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of professionals. Whether you're a construction worker, a sparky, a plumber, a flooring installer, or involved in any trade that requires frequent kneeling, having the right knee pads can significantly impact your comfort and productivity. For trade professionals, knee pads are indispensable protective equipment that offers numerous benefits:

        1. Injury Prevention: The primary purpose of knee pads is to protect your knees from potential injuries during tasks that involve kneeling on hard surfaces. By providing cushioning and support, knee pads reduce the risk of strains, bruises, and long-term knee damage.

        2. Enhanced Comfort: Trade professionals often spend long hours on their knees, leading to discomfort and soreness. Knee pads with proper padding alleviate pressure on the knee joints, allowing you to work more comfortably and efficiently.

        3. Increased Productivity: With kneepads, you can focus on your work without worrying about knee discomfort. This improved concentration can lead to increased productivity and better-quality work.

        What are the Two Types of Knee Pads?

        In the trade industry, knee pads are broadly categorized into two main types:

        1. Soft Knee Pads:
        Soft knee pads, featuring foam or gel padding, are the preferred choice for trade professionals. They provide excellent cushioning, distributing pressure evenly across the knee area. Soft knee pads are suitable for trades that require frequent movements, such as construction, plumbing, and flooring installations. They offer a balance between comfort and protection, making them a practical choice for extended use.

        2. Hard Shell Knee Pads:
        While hard shell knee pads are more commonly associated with extreme sports, some trade professionals may opt for them in specific situations. For tasks involving potential impact risks or heavy debris, hardshell knee pads can offer additional protection. However, they are not as common in trade professions compared to soft knee pads.

        Always consider the type of knee pads that align with your trade requirements, choose the right fit, and invest in high-quality knee pads to ensure you work efficiently and safely throughout your career.