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        Polybender for Easy, Fast, and Kink-Free Internal Copper Tube Bending

        Polybender is a revolutionary tool that makes copper pipe bending quick, easy, and kink-free. It is ideal for sharp bends and repetitive stress, and its unique physical properties ensure superior tube wall support, preventing kinks by evenly dispersing bend stress. Polybender fully supports the tube with a solid insert, making it easy to achieve even super-tight bends with a slight adjustment.

        Polybender is perfect for rough-in installations where copper tube damage is common, saving time and money. It is also a great choice for DIY enthusiasts, as it is user-friendly and requires no special training.

        Here are some of the key benefits of using Polybender:

        • Save time and money on rough-in installations
        • Avoid copper tube damage
        • Get perfect bends every time
        • Easy to use, even for beginners (yes, even your apprentice ;))

        How to use Polybender:

        1. Insert Polybender past the desired bend point (at least 300mm minimum).
        2. Bend the pipe to the desired angle.
        3. To release the Polybender from the pipe, simply extract it.

        For super-tight bends, a slight adjustment is all it takes for a hassle-free release.

        Ideal Copper Tube Bender for Refrigeration, Split System, and any other Copper Pipe Installations - Say Goodbye to Expensive Tools

        The Polybender is tailor-made for refrigeration and split system installations, offering installers a quick, simple, and high-quality solution for achieving kink-free bends in copper tubes. This inner bender tool has been designed with one task in mind: to bend internal copper tubes as fast and as easily as possible, and it excels at handling rigorous, repetitive stress from sharp bends without compromising its structural integrity. Thanks to its low-friction finish, extracting the tube after bending is a breeze, ensuring that your Polybender consistently delivers fast and effective bends, project after project.

        Polybender is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to bend tubes quickly, easily, and kink-free. It is ideal for professional and DIY use alike.

        • Kink prevention
        • Ideal for sharp bends in copper
        • Three meters in length with two velcro holding straps
        • High-quality zip-seal bag for storage and taking it on the road
        • Available in various diameters (Red 1/2, Blue 5/8, Yellow 3/8, Green 3/4)

        If you need an effective internal copper tube bending tool, Polybender is the way to go!