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        Airflow Exhaust Fan - Quality Bathroom Exhaust Fans

        Finding the right bathroom exhaust fan is crucial for maintaining good ventilation. [ Read More ]

        Airflow Exhaust Fan - Quality Bathroom Exhaust Fans

        Finding the right bathroom exhaust fan is crucial for maintaining good ventilation and a fresh, comfortable atmosphere. The Clipsal Airflow Exhaust Fan is designed to meet all your ventilation needs. It offers a variety of options, including Airflow Wall Mount Exhaust Fans, ceiling exhaust, and side-ducted models, ensuring solutions for different installation scenarios. Whether upgrading your current system or installing a new one, the Clipsal Airflow range guarantees efficiency and durability.

        These exhaust fans provide powerful airflow while keeping noise levels low. Good ventilation helps remove moisture, reduce odours, and prevent mould growth, making your bathroom healthier. With Clipsal Airflow exhaust fans, you get high-quality construction and reliable performance for long-lasting use.

        Clipsal Airflow Performance Exhaust Fan, Window Mount, Axial

        The Clipsal Airflow Performance Exhaust Fan features advanced axial technology, ensuring powerful yet quiet operation. This means you get efficient ventilation without disturbing your peace. Its impressive airflow power quickly circulates air, improving overall air quality in your home. Suitable for bathrooms or kitchens, this fan handles even the most humid environments, which is essential for maintaining a healthy living space.

        One of its key features is the ease of installation. The window-mount design makes setup straightforward, requiring minimal effort to get it operational. You can enjoy improved airflow without the hassle of complex installations. The durable construction ensures longevity, providing a dependable solution for years to come.

        Clipsal Airflow 200 & 250mm Ceiling Exhaust Fan

        This ceiling exhaust fan has a powerful motor that guarantees long-lasting performance and durability. The innovative design of the round exhaust ensures that air is evenly distributed, effectively removing steam and humidity, Whether it's a hot shower or cooking a meal. The Clipsal Airflow 250mm Ceiling Exhaust Fan is easy to install and maintain, making it a practical choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

        Airflow Exhaust Fan Cover Only

        The airflow exhaust fan covers are not sold separately. They are only available when purchased as part of a complete fitting.

        Clipsal Airflow Bathroom Fan, Light And Heater With Backdraft Shutter 6500ADS-WE

        The Clipsal Airflow Bathroom Fan, Light, and Heater with Backdraft Shutter 6500ADS-WE is the ultimate solution for efficient and effective bathroom ventilation. This exhaust fan integrates three essential functions into one sleek unit for modern homes: ventilation, lighting, and heating. Say goodbye to foggy mirrors and humid environments; the Clipsal exhaust fan keeps your bathroom fresh and comfortable all year round. Its advanced design provides powerful ventilation and includes a convenient backdraft shutter to prevent unwanted returning airflow, enhancing your space's efficiency.

        The Clipsal Airflow Bathroom Fan is an outstanding addition to any home, combining aesthetic appeal and functionality. The powerful exhaust fan ensures robust airflow, quickly removing excess humidity and odours from your bathroom, which is essential for maintaining a clean and inviting space. The integrated light adds convenience, ensuring adequate illumination, especially at night. Additionally, the heater function provides immediate warmth, making cold morning showers more comfortable.