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        3M Electrical Tape

        Imagine you're an electrician without vinyl electrical tape - it'd be quite a hassle. But believe it or not, just a hundred years ago, fellow sparkies didn't have this handy tool.

        About 70 years back, two smart blokes at 3M - Snell, Oace, and Eastwold - came up with the game-changer: vinyl electrical tape. Before that, they used tape made from tar-coated cotton with a rubbery adhesive that wasn't great - weak, got rusty, and rotted easily.

        When 3M dropped the Vinyl Electrical Tape in 1946, boom! It revolutionized the electrical game. Suddenly, electrical work got way better 'cause this tape made everything safer and more efficient in a jiffy.

        The 3M Vinyl Electrical Tape transformed the entire electrical industry almost overnight!

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