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        Point Pod

        POINT POD

        Looking for pop-up power points, that are more than just stylish, the power pods are designed with you in user in mind. The motorised pop up power designed by award winning Point Pod is an integrated and functional pop-up power point that reveals itself with a touch of a button, the motorised unit simply pops out of the bench.

        There are many colours and options such as USB and Data points that can be paired with 2 or 3 power outlets.

        Pop Up Power Points: A Stylish and Functional Way to Add Power to Your Countertop

        Point Pod is a pop up power outlet that is hidden within your countertop. It is a modern, streamlined, and simplistic design that blends into your countertop. With one simple touch, the power appears from underneath your countertop. You can access up to three power sockets and two USB ports without taking up countertop or wall space.

        Pop up power points are a great way to add power to your countertop without cluttering it up with unsightly power cords and outlets. They are also a safe and convenient way to charge your devices. Point Pod is made with high-quality materials and is UL-listed for safety. It is also easy to use and can be installed in a variety of countertop materials.

        Here are some of the benefits of using pop up power points:

        • Saves space: Pop up power points eliminate the need for unsightly power cords and outlets on your countertop.
        • Convenient: Pop up power points are easy to use and can be accessed with one simple touch.
        • Safe: Pop up power points are made with high-quality materials and are UL-listed for safety.
        • Customizable: Pop up power points can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

        If you are looking for a stylish and functional way to add power to your countertop, pop up power points are a great option. They are a versatile and customizable product that can be used in a variety of settings, including:

        • Kitchens
        • Home offices
        • Hotels
        • Restaurants
        • Retail stores
        • Conference rooms
        • Other commercial spaces

        If you are interested in learning more about pop up power points, you can visit the Point Pod website or contact their customer service team.

        Here are some additional things to consider when choosing pop up power points:

        • The number of power sockets and USB ports you need.
        • The thickness of your countertop.
        • The material of your countertop.
        • The style of your countertop.
        • The budget you have.

        With so many different options available at Sparky Direct, you are sure to find the perfect pop up power points for your needs.