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        High-Performance, Portable, and Waterproof Speakers

        EcoXgear is synonymous with design innovation and high-quality sound. Since 2007, ECOXGEAR has emerged as a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge audio solutions tailored for the great outdoors. EcoXgear's product lineup is engineered to ensure crystal-clear sound quality throughout your diverse adventures, whether it's boating, hiking, fishing, or any outdoor pursuit. EcoXgear stands for continuous innovation, aiming to deliver reliable, robust, and waterproof consumer electronics.

        EcoXgear's mission is to establish connections with adventurous individuals, including surfers, campers, kayakers, fitness and dancing enthusiasts, and anyone seeking exceptional sound quality during their adventures and events. Their vision is centred on enabling more people to savour every moment of their lives by providing a range of soundbar speakers that cater to their audio needs.

        Anothe one of their innovative products is the SoundExtreme Powersports Bluetooth soundbar speaker and LED lighting system, which are the ideal audio and light solution for your 4WD, ATV/UTV, Boat, and Golf Cart. This Bluetooth soundbar speaker boasts 100% waterproof, dustproof, and dirtproof capabilities, ensuring its durability in various outdoor settings.

        With a robust power output of 500 watts distributed across eight marine-grade speakers, it delivers an exceptional listening experience. Moreover, our EcoCast feature allows you to connect up to 50 SoundExtremes simultaneously, making it a versatile choice for group gatherings and events.

        If you're searching for a rugged and reliable Bluetooth soundbar speaker to accompany your adventures in the outback, the SoundExtreme Powersports soundbar is the perfect choice for a high-quality waterproof speaker with EcoXgear sound! Ready to pump out your favourite tunes while you explore the wilderness?

        EcoXgear's key features of their products include ruggedness, designed to perform admirably in various terrains and situations, emphasizing high quality. Portability is another hallmark, making it effortless to bring their speakers anywhere without hassle. Moreover, their products adhere to true IPX7 waterproof standards, ensuring they can be fully immersed in water. They take pride in being one of the finest speaker brands in Australia, guaranteeing that when you buy EcoXgear, you're investing in speakers of the highest quality and design.

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