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        Cliffs Jerky

        Cliff's Jerky: The Best Jerky You Have Ever Tasted! [ Read More ]

        Cliff's Jerky | Elevating the Craft of Jerky-Making

        Cliffs Jerky's journey began in March 2020, marking the inception of a remarkable venture. Committed to delivering an exceptional jerky experience, Cliffs Jerky stands out in the craft.

        Their Approach: Results-Oriented Excellence. Cliffs Jerky adheres to a mission of producing the highest quality jerky in every batch. Customers indulging in Cliffs Jerky can anticipate nothing but perfection. It revolves around taste, texture, premium Australian meat, and various unbeatable jerky flavours.

        Values That Define Cliffs Jerky
        Authenticity: Consistency in Every Bite
        When customers open a pack of Cliffs Jerky, they encounter a brand that takes authenticity seriously. The dedication to delivering consistent taste and texture remains unwavering. Cliffs Jerky believes that unwavering consistency is fundamental in ensuring customers always receive the exceptional product they deserve.

        Community: Serving with Heart
        At Cliffs Jerky, they transcend being merely a jerky company; they are an integral part of the community. A strong sense of responsibility drives them to give back and support the local community. They aim to operate with transparency, kindness, and thoughtfulness, making a positive impact on the lives of those they touch.

        Gratitude: A Heartfelt Thanks
        Cliffs Jerky expresses immense gratitude for the unwavering support received from their small community – past, present, and future. It's the community's trust that fuels their passion to serve. They aspire to remain a steadfast source of delicious jerky for years to come.

        Transparency: Honesty and Fairness
        Cliffs Jerky's foundation is built upon transparency, high values, and moral principles. They believe in offering reasonable pricing with absolutely no deceitful practices. Their commitment lies in respecting all individuals within their small community and providing them with exceptional products.

        Inspiration: Navigating Life's Challenges
        In these intricate and challenging times, Cliffs Jerky finds inspiration in the resilience of humanity. They uphold strength and endurance as vital virtues to overcome obstacles. Cliffs Jerky embodies this spirit, persistently pushing forward despite adversity.

        Cliffs Jerky offer a delightful selection of signature flavours to satisfy every palate. These include:

        Smokey BBQ with Vegimite: A classic barbecue flavour that's perfect for those who enjoy the smoky goodness of BBQ with a hint of 'Vegimite'.

        Smokey BBQ & Cayenne Pepper (Medium Hot): For those who like a bit of heat, the Cayenne Pepper flavour offers a satisfying medium-level spiciness.

        Chakalaka (not-so) Hot: A medium-not-so-hot spice blend that adds an exciting kick to your jerky experience.

        BBQ Black Cracked Pepper: This option is all about the bold, peppery taste without the intense heat. It's a flavour that appeals to those who appreciate rich, savoury notes.

        Ring Sting Chilli Bites: Not for the faint-hearted, Chilli Bites deliver a pretty hot and fiery experience, perfectly paired with a refreshing cold beer.

        Each packet is resealable to keep your snacks fresh. Inside, you'll find a good-sized 100-gram portion and a toothpick is included as a nice extra touch. It's all about making your snacking experience easy and enjoyable.

        Cliffs Jerky takes pride in crafting its amazing jerky with the utmost care and quality. Here's how they do it:

        Finest 100% Australian Beef: They start with the finest Australian beef, ensuring that only the best ingredients go into their beef jerky.

        Precision Cutting: The beef is expertly cut to perfection, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable texture in every bite.

        Global Flavours: Cliffs Jerky sources inspiration from exceptional flavours around the world, infusing their jerky with unique and mouthwatering tastes.

        High-Quality Standards: Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the highest possible standards maintained during the jerky-making process.

        Safe Food Queensland Accreditation: Cliffs Jerky is accredited by Safe Food Queensland, demonstrating its dedication to food safety and quality.

        East Coast Australia: Located on the plush East Coast of Australia, Cliffs Jerky represents a taste of this beautiful region in every bite.

        Discover the flavours and processes that make Cliffs Jerky a top choice for jerky enthusiasts.

        Experiencing Cliff's Jerky is nothing short of exceptional. The Best Jerky You Have Ever Tasted!

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