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        WAGO Electrical Connectors

        Find all the best in Wago Connectors here at Sparky Direct. [ Read More ]

        WAGO Connectors: The Ultimate Choice for Reliable Electrical Connections 

        Unmatched Quality and Innovation in Electrical Connections

        WAGO stands at the forefront of innovation and quality, consistently delivering products that set industry standards. Far from being just a brand, WAGO is a beacon of unwavering commitment, reliability, and excellence that never ceases to impress.

        WAGO has been quick to identify and adapt to the needs of its customer base, driving industry trends rather than merely following them. The brand focuses on developing efficient, sustainable products that integrate the latest technologies, further solidifying its leading position in the market.

        These products undergo rigorous testing and are meticulously designed to ensure they exceed global standards and perform optimally. Both beginners and expert sparkies alike can trust in the superior performance offered by WAGO's products, which are quickly becoming an essential component of everyday life.

        The brand adheres to sustainable practices throughout the lifecycle of its products, ensuring they make a positive impact from the moment of conception to the point of disposal. Moreover, WAGO's vision extends beyond the present, as it actively invests in creating a future where technology and sustainability coexist harmoniously. With WAGO, you can trust that you're investing in a brand that cares about quality, performance, and our world.

        Wago for Quality Connectors.

        Uncompromising Quality: WAGO Connectors are engineered with precision, surpassing industry standards to ensure unrivalled quality and reliability in every electrical connection. Efficiency and Time Savings: WAGO's innovative spring pressure connection technology simplifies installation, eliminating the need for tools and saving valuable time on your projects.
        Versatility: Our extensive range of WAGO Connectors caters to various applications, from industrial environments to residential settings, providing flexibility to meet your specific project needs.
        Superior Safety: WAGO Connectors undergo rigorous testing to guarantee optimal insulation and protection against electrical shocks, ensuring the utmost safety for you and your customers.
        Sustainability: WAGO's environmental commitment aligns with Sparky Direct's values. By choosing WAGO Connectors, you contribute to a greener future with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.

        Sparky Direct is Proud to Supply Wago Products.


        Meet the epitome of reliability and convenience - the WAGO 887-952 Compact Splicing Connector Set. Packed neatly in a compact, portable L-BOXX Mini 221 series carry case, this set is designed for those who demand excellence and mobility. The 4mm connectors are built for outstanding performance, ensuring seamless connectivity every time.

        Wago 221-412 | 4mm COMPACT Splicing Connector for 2 Conductors | Jar of 100

        The WAGO 221-412 offers a comprehensive solution for your 2-conductor splicing needs. With 100 compact 4mm connectors neatly organized in a jar, this set assures an effortless connection for all your projects. Each connector is crafted for maximum efficiency and durability, making it a popular choice for professional electricians and DIYers.

        Wago 221-413 | 4mm COMPACT Splicing Connector for 3 Conductors | Jar of 50

        Ithe WAGO 221-413 - a jar of 50 compact 4mm connectors meticulously engineered for 3-conductor splicing. This set combines simplicity, efficiency, and versatility, empowering you to handle a wide array of electrical tasks with confidence and ease.

        Wago 221-415 | 4mm COMPACT Splicing Connector for 5 Conductors Jar of 25

        Look no further than the WAGO 221-415 for demanding projects requiring multi-conductor splicing. This set comprises 25 compact 4mm connectors designed for 5-conductor splicing. Enclosed in a handy jar, this set delivers convenience and quality, facilitating your electrical tasks with remarkable ease.

        Wago 887-957 | 4mm & 6mm Compact Splicing Connector Set L-BOXX Mini 221 Series in Carry Case

        The WAGO 887-957 Splicing Connector Set offers flexibility and performance in one package. Complete with 4mm and 6mm connectors; this set caters to a range of splicing tasks. Encased in a compact L-BOXX Mini 221 series carry case, it ensures that you have the right tool in the right size and when needed.

        Wago 221-612 | 6mm² 2 Conductor Compact Splicing Connectors | Jar of 50

        Opt for the WAGO 221-612 for your high-capacity connection needs. This set includes 50 compact splicing connectors capable of handling 6mm² two conductor connections. Packaged in a jar for convenience and easy access, this set ensures a robust and reliable connection for heavy-duty electrical projects.

        Frequently Asked Questions About WAGO

        Q: Who is WAGO?
        A: WAGO is a reputable global brand renowned for its innovations and high-quality electrical connections and automation products. Founded over six decades ago, WAGO has consistently demonstrated a commitment to creating reliable, efficient, and technologically advanced products, such as connectors and automation components. The brand is deeply committed to ensuring product safety, sustainability, and user satisfaction. It adheres to stringent international regulations and continuously works to exceed industry standards.

        Q: What does WAGO specialize in?
        A: WAGO specializes in creating top-tier electrical interconnections and automation products. This includes various items like connectors for different types of conductors, splicing connectors, terminal blocks, and automation technology solutions. WAGO products are recognized for their quality, versatility, and durability, making them a favoured choice for professionals in various fields.