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        Connected Switchgear | Online Electrical Supplies

        Learn all about Connected Switchgear products and their commitment to the electrical industry. [ Read More ]

        Connected Switch Gear

        Connected Switchgear: Providing Trusted Electrical Products in Australia

        Connected Switchgear is a 100% Australian Owned and Operated company specialising in delivering high-quality electrical products to discerning electrical contractors in Australia. With an intimate knowledge of the local electrical industry and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Connected Switchgear aims to improve the overall experience of its customers. Connected Switchgear has become a trusted brand in the electrical industry through a focused approach, product development, compliance, and reliable warranties.

        Connected Switchgear Product Development

        Connected Switchgear prioritises product development to meet the evolving needs of the electrical industry. The company has robust systems in place for continuous quality and performance improvement. Valuing customer feedback and input, Connected Switchgear actively engages with its clients to ensure its products consistently meet their requirements. A percentage of their profits is dedicated to designing new products, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation.

        Product Compliance

        Compliance with Australian Regulatory Rules is of utmost importance to Connected Switchgear. All their products undergo rigorous testing and strict compliance to adhere to the relevant Australian Standards. The company does not sell any product that is not legally approved or fails to meet the required standards, ensuring that customers can trust the reliability and safety of their purchases.

        Connected Switchgear Switches & Socket Outlets

        Differentiating itself from competitors, Connected Switchgear refuses to compromise on product quality for the sake of lower prices. Their switches and socket outlets are manufactured using high-quality polycarbonate materials that are UV stable, ensuring they do not fade when exposed to light. Using solid brass terminal screws instead of plated steel imitations prevents corrosion and offers long-lasting performance. Switch contacts are made from a high percentage of brass and silver metals, reducing contact arcing and extending the life of the switch mechanism.

        Circuit Protection

        Connected Switchgear takes a firm stance against overrating tactics commonly used in the market. They do not offer sub-rated products to compete on price, ensuring that customers receive genuine circuit protection devices. Some sellers may stamp products with higher ratings than they possess, misleading consumers who rely on the seller's integrity. Connected Switchgear guarantees the accuracy of its product ratings, providing customers with reliable and approved circuit breakers.

        Load Centres

        While not declared articles under the Electrical Safety Provisions Act, load centres' performance and standards fall under the Australian Wiring Rules AS/NZS3000. Connected Switchgear's enclosures comply with these rules, ensuring electrical contractors install products that meet the requirements. The company's enclosures are made from high-grade polycarbonate materials that are UV stable and can withstand temperatures up to 720 degrees. They maintain their integrity over time, not fading or turning yellow with age. With genuine 165-amp neutral links and connecting links and enhanced wiring flexibility in their 12 and 18-pole enclosures, Connected Switchgear offers reliable and durable load centres.

        Expertise and Trustworthiness

        Connected Switchgear stands out in the electrical industry due to its experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. As a 100% Australian Owned and Operated company, they possess comprehensive knowledge of the local electrical industry and understand the specific requirements of Australian electrical contractors. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, compliance, and reliable warranties has earned it a reputation as a trusted brand.

        5 Year in house Warranty

        Connected Switch Gear Warranty Policy

        Connected Switchgear understands the value of time, money and the impact that unreliable products can have on a contractor's reputation. To instil confidence in their products, they offer an impressive basic 5-Year IN-HOUSE Warranty for all their products, setting a new standard in the industry. For their PLATINUM range of Switchgear, the warranty extends to 10 years. If a product failure results from the manufacturing process, customers are compensated for their time and expenses and provided with a replacement product.

        All Connected Switchgear products come with a standard INHOUSE Limited warranty of 5 years*. That means that you have peace of mind knowing that if a fault develops with any of our products within five years, then Connected Group Australia will cover the cost of replacing the product and its installation by an authorised electrician to a maximum value labour cost up to $90.00 for any defective product. In the case of the PLATINUM range of products, the warranty period is ten years.

        *In the case of the BASIX Series, Trade Version MRCBO's, SMS1T and USB-POD10, the warranty is a 6-month replacement-only warranty.

        If multiple items may need repair or replacement, Connected Switchgear reserves the right to assess the claim collectively, not individually. Connected Switchgear has the right to accept or refuse any claim made for warranty and replacement costs.


        Our warranty does not cover products that have been altered, tampered with, misused, or installed in an application for which it was not designed.

        In the case of products supplied but not manufactured by Connected Switchgear, the original manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions apply.


        IF A FAULT OCCURS, and the product has NOT been installed
        1. Return the product to your place of purchase, or
        2. Return the faulty product to Connected Switchgear to arrange a replacement

        IF A FAULT OCCURS, and the product HAS been installed.

        3. Contact Connected Switchgear at 1300 071 378 to arrange fault analysis and to organise a replacement. In all cases, the faulty product must be verified before Connected Switchgear recognises a warranty claim and replaces the item.

        If Connected, Switchgear has been called to repair or replace a product that is not deemed faulty or has developed a fault that is not the liability of Connected Switchgear or the result of incorrect installation. A standard callout fee of $99+gst will apply.

        No claims for warranty will be considered where the faulty product has been repaired or replaced by others before the warranty claim is filed with Connected Switchgear.

        Connected Switchgear reserves the right to refuse any claim for a warranty that it deems as not complying with the terms and conditions of its Warranty Policy.

        By requesting a callout by Connected Switchgear, the customer acknowledges and is bound by the above terms and conditions.

        Follow the link for more information on Connected Switch Gear's In-House Warranty Policy.

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