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        Re-Load Holesaws and Holesaw Kits

        Experience the future of hole saw systems [ Read More ]

        Re-load® Tools | Hole Saw Systems Re-Invented

        Revolutionizing Hole Saw Systems encapsulates the essence of Reload Tools' remarkable journey. Founded by an electrician with a vision for improvement, Reload Tools set out to redefine how hole saws work.

        Many prototypes later, the groundbreaking Re-load® system was born. This innovative system allowed hole saws to be "reloaded" swiftly, accommodating any size or brand of hole saw with a single arbor—a world-first achievement.

        Trade professionals swiftly embraced this innovation due to its user-friendly design. Today, Re-load® is the go-to choice for numerous satisfied customers, a testament to its effectiveness.

        Over two decades of innovation, Reload Tools, still owned and operated by its founder—the Electrician guy, has consistently developed cutting-edge tools. Their commitment is simple: providing customers with the best possible products.

        For more details and access to these revolutionary tools, visit Reload Tools. Experience the future of hole saw systems with Reload Tools, where innovation meets craftsmanship.

        Company Milestones for Reload Holesaw Tools

        Back in 2008, Re-load® Tools introduced a series of quick-change sets that included HSS Cobalt Hole saws. These hole saws were designed especially for Electricians, making their work more efficient and precise.

        In 2021, Re-load® Tools created something called SPEED™, which is a special CORE EJECT tool. It's the first of its kind globally and gets rid of long shafts and extended arbors, making it a big breakthrough in the electrical tool world.

        Re-Load SPEED™ Core Eject Hole Saw Kits

        The Re-Load SPEED™ Core Eject Hole Saw Sets come with a special feature that makes getting rid of cut-outs easy and efficient. This feature works by pushing the cut material out of the hole saw, so you don't have to remove it manually. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of injuries. Plus, it keeps the saw from clogging, ensuring you can use it without interruptions. This core ejection function is perfect for professionals who need precise cuts and a smooth workflow. It makes the cutting process easier and boosts overall productivity.

        HSS Cobalt Holesaws

        HSS Cobalt, also known as High-Speed Steel Cobalt. HSS Cobalt is a type of high-speed steel with a significant amount of cobalt as an alloying element. This addition of cobalt to the saws enhances the performance characteristics of the saws, making it a valuable material in various industries, including electrical work. The benefits of HSS Cobalt:

        Durability: HSS Cobalt is renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. This makes it an excellent choice for cutting and drilling tools, which electricians often use for tasks such as drilling holes in metal junction boxes or conduits.

        High-Temperature Resistance: Cobalt's presence in HSS increases its ability to withstand high temperatures without losing its hardness. This property is advantageous when working with electrical equipment that generates heat.

        Cutting and Machining: HSS Cobalt is frequently used to manufacture tools like drill bits, taps, and saw blades. These tools are indispensable for an electrician when creating openings for wires, conduits, or fixtures.

        Longevity: Because of its resistance to wear, HSS Cobalt tools tend to have a longer service life. This can save electricians time and money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent tool replacement.

        Versatility: HSS Cobalt can be used on a wide range of materials, from metals to plastics, which benefits electricians who often work with various materials in their projects.

        Re-Load Downlight Kit Pro | Installing downlights has never been easier!

        Level up your downlight installations with the Re-Load Downlight Kit. This all-in-one package provides effortless multi-core ejection and smooth operation while ensuring a clean, dust-free workspace. Compatible with hole saws up to 122mm and offering a 2.7m reach, it's the comprehensive solution for your lighting installs.

        Experience precision cutting with Re-load®