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        NHP Electrical

        NHP - 50 Years of Excellence

        For over 50 years, NHP has been a leading name in electrical and engineering products. With a strong local presence and a global network of suppliers, NHP understands the unique needs of every project, big or small. They offer a wide range of products and prioritize customer satisfaction. With their extensive experience in the electrical industry, NHP is your trusted supplier for all your electrical needs.

        Understanding Your Specific Project Needs

        NHP is a trusted name in the electrical and engineering industry, with over 20 branches across Australia and New Zealand. Their strong local presence helps them understand the unique needs of projects in various communities, cities, and industries. With their extensive local knowledge and expertise, NHP offers tailored solutions to meet your project requirements.

        The Power of Choice in Electrical Products

        NHP Electrical is more than just a supplier; they offer a wide range of choices to empower their customers. With over 20,000 products, NHP provides access to a diverse selection of high-quality electrical items. Whether you need electrical components, industrial automation solutions, or specialized equipment, NHP has it all. Their commitment to offering choices allows you to customize and innovate in your projects.

        Exploring the NHP Catalogue

        NHP's extensive product range is available in its comprehensive catalogue, a valuable resource for electrical professionals and enthusiasts. The NHP catalogue provides detailed product information, including specifications, technical data, and application examples. It allows you to easily browse and select the right electrical products for your specific needs.

        Innovative Electrical Solutions with the Mod6

        The NHP Mod6 series stands out in the NHP range for its innovative features. Mod6 is a modular electrical enclosure system that offers flexibility and efficiency in panel building. Its modular design allows for easy customization and future expansions, streamlining the installation process and improving the performance of electrical systems.

        NHP NLINE Weatherproof Isolators - Reliable Protection

        Weatherproof isolators are essential for electrical safety in outdoor and industrial settings. NHP NLINE Weatherproof Isolators offer reliable protection against harsh weather and are designed for tough environments. These isolators provide a secure and robust solution for isolating electrical circuits, ensuring the smooth operation of your electrical systems and giving you peace of mind.

        NHP Contactors - Efficient Control for Electrical Systems

        Contactors are crucial for controlling electrical circuits in various applications. NHP Contactors are renowned for their high performance and reliability, efficiently controlling motors, lighting systems, and other electrical devices. NHP provides a range of contactors to suit different voltage levels and applications. With NHP Contactors, you can achieve precise control and improve the efficiency of your electrical systems.

        NHP Stop Start Control - Seamless Operation

        Start-stop control stations are vital for managing motors and machinery. NHP Stop Start Control stations are designed for seamless operation and easy installation. These stations offer a user-friendly interface for starting, stopping, and monitoring electrical equipment. With NHP Stop Start Control, you can ensure your machinery operates safely and efficiently while maintaining optimal control.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        Q: What does NHP do?

        A: NHP is a leading Australian manufacturer of electrical products, including isolators, contactors, and relays. The company has been in business for over 50 years and is known for its high-quality products and customer service.

        Q: What types of NHP isolators do Sparky Direct Sell?

         A:  Sparky Direct Sell online the NHP NLINE Series (also known as nhp n-line):

        Q: Does NHP sell a DC Isolator?

        A: Yes, Sparky Direct stock NHP and sell the 4 pole DC isolator NHP NL432PV | Enclosed DC Isolating Switch 32A 1500V IP66 | 4 Pole

        Q: Where can I buy NHP isolators?

        A: NHP isolators are available for purchase online at Sparky Direct Online Electrical Wholesaler


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