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        HPM: An Iconic Name in the Australian Electrical Industry [ Read More ]

        HPM, an icon of the Australian electrical industry, is committed to delivering the best in everyday, affordable electrical solutions. Trusted by electricians, the HPM brand signifies quality, safety, and reliability.

        Originally established in the 1930s by a dynamic husband and wife duo, HPM has grown into one of Australasia's largest suppliers to the electrical industry. As an industry pioneer, HPM played an integral role in the development of the Australian and New Zealand electrical sectors, ensuring the safe accessibility of electricity in millions of homes across both nations.

        In February 2007, HPM joined forces with the Legrand Group. Being a part of Legrand's vast global network empowers HPM with access to a wealth of research data and intellectual property from all corners of the world. Leveraging these abundant resources and consumer-driven insights, HPM offers a wider range of products that are unpretentious, fully compliant with the strictest safety standards, and designed to empower users to stay connected, productive, and creative. HPM products work tirelessly behind the scenes, allowing our users to become everyday heroes.

        The Timeless Charm of Retro Switches & Sockets

        What's old is new again, and HPM's Standard range of switches & sockets captures the essence of retro cool. Reminiscent of the creative naming trends of the 70s, these tried and tested products have stood the test of time, gaining an edgy coolness similar to that of acid-wash jeans. With a pragmatic, rudimentary, and deconstructed design, they evoke images of magnificent old factories, historic town halls, charming school corridors, original Mod Squad-style apartments, and even captivating film sets. Embrace the nostalgia and timeless charm of HPM's Retro Standard collection for a touch of vintage elegance in your indoor spaces.