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        Exit & Emergency Exit Signs

        by Sparky Direct   ■  Updated: June 1, 2023
        Exit Sign and Emergency lights image

        Table of Contents

        What is an Emergency Exit Sign?


        Exit Sign and Emergency lights

        An exit sign light is a standard safety feature in any building. The sign warns people of the exits and emergency exits in the building. Emergency lights are also a common safety feature in any building. The lights are used in case of an emergency, such as a fire.

        An emergency exit sign light also referred to as an emergency exit light or exit light, is a sign that is displayed in a public place to indicate the location of the nearest emergency exit.

        What is an Emergency Exit Sign?

        Emergency exit signs are typically located near the entrance of a building, indicating the nearest exit in case of an emergency. They are typically green and white and have "Emergency" or "Exit" or a "Pictogram of a Running Man" on them in large letters.

        Exit Sign

        Why are exit signs Important?

        Some people may not realize the importance of exit signs, but they are crucial in ensuring the safety of everyone in a building. Exit signs help people know which way to go if they need to evacuate quickly. They also help people know when it is time to leave a building.

        How to Choose an Emergency Exit Sign?

        When choosing an emergency exit sign, it is important to consider the sign's purpose. Some signs are for general use, such as the "Exit" sign in a restaurant. Other signs are for specific areas, such as an emergency exit in a hospital. You may require a spitfire type of light recessed into the ceiling.

        Things to consider when installing an Emergency Exit light?

        • Location
        • Size
        • Power
        • Programming
        • Cost
        • maintenance

        How to Maintain an Emergency Exit light?

        Emergency exit lights are important for safety in case of a fire. To maintain an emergency exit light, follow these steps:

        1. Check the light is operational and working properly. 2. Clean the light if it becomes dirty or damaged. 3. Replace the light bulb if it becomes worn out or if the light does not emit a bright enough light.

        Other FAQ's

        Emergency exit signs are signs used to indicate that a particular area is an exit. They are typically placed near exits to warn people of their presence and remind people of the emergency procedures that should be followed in case of an emergency.

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