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        Australia’s Most Universal USB Charger Mechanism | 30USBCM

        Australia’s Most Universal USB Charger Mechanism | 30USBCM image

        Australia’s Most Universal USB Mechanism

        Will Suit 30 Series Clipsal Plates including:

        • Clipsal 2000 Series™,
        • C2000™,
        • Saturn™ Data,
        • Slimline® 
        • Standard

        Clipsal has a USB charging mech to suit their popular 30 series range of power points and light switches.
        The mechanism simply clips into any compatible 30 series Clipsal plates. Clipsal's 30USBCM - USB charging mechanism is Australian-approved and certified.
        Now there is no need to have those bulky USB charger packs plugged into your power point, the sleek Clipsal 30USBCM provides up to 1.2A of charge current, its smart-charging technologies ensure devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and eBook readers can be charged at the maximum safe rate governed by the device.

        The Clipsal USB Charger Mechanism with White Cap 1.2A 30 Series (Item Number: 30USBCM) has been discontinued, but there are still plenty of options available to enhance your USB charging convenience. Explore the wide range of USB Powerpoint solutions available on the market today and bring modern functionality to your home or workspace. Upgrade to the future of power outlets and make charging your devices a breeze with a USB Powerpoint.