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        Ceiling Fans and Lights

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        Clipsal Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Fan Lights, Clipsal Airflow, 3 blade metal, 3 blade white and more.

        The benefits of Ceiling Fans

        Clipsal Ceiling fans provide a naturally quite and energy saving cooling solution. Most ceiling fans use only 60 watts of power, this is the same amount of power that is used by a standard incandescent light bulb, which works out to be about 1-2 cents per hour to run - depending if you are reading this after that substantial tariff rises. Ceiling fans will save you money on your electrical bills if used instead of air-conditioning and other electrical heating and cooling appliances, in both winter and summer months.

        Benefits of using the Forward and Reverse Switch on your ceiling fan:

        Summer Mode

        Ceiling fans do not necessarily lower the temperature; however it does make the room feel cooler. The breeze from the ceiling fan on your skin can make you feel approx 6-8 degrees cooler and if used instead of an air conditioner - it will save you hundreds of dollars a year in electricity bills.

        Winter Mode

        The ceiling fan should be run in reverse in winter - this is achieved by switching a switch which is usually located just above the blades on the motor housing, When the ceiling fan runs in reverse the warm air (hot air rises) is pushed up against the ceiling and then dispersed throughout the room. With a ceiling fan run in reverse it will help to lower your heating costs.

        Selection guide for choosing the correct ceiling fan for your room:

        Your choice of ceiling fan will vary depending on the size of the room; a large room will require a more powerful fan with larger blades etc

        Recommendations (Guide only)

        3m x 3m room = 36" Blades
        3m x 4m room = 36' - 42" blades
        4m x 5m room = 48" Blades
        6m x 6m room = 52' Blades

        Outdoor Ceiling Fans

        Outdoor ceiling fans are not waterproof so they should be located in a protected dry area. Please considering your environment prior to choosing your ceiling fan - you may need 316 marine grade if you live near the ocean or near a salt water canal so they do not rust away.

        Other factors to consider

        Ceiling Fan height - must be at least 2.1m from the floor to the blades
        Ceiling Fan lights - there are many to choose from and most can be wired to the bottom of ceiling fans
        Remote Controls - optional remote controls can be wired into most ceiling fans.

        Do you need more help?

        Please call 5428 3044 and we will do our best to help you choose the correct ceiling fan for your needs.


        Top Rated Clipsal Ceiling Fans:

        Product: Clipsal Airflow Ceiling Fan P3HS1200AL-WE | 3 Blade 1200mm White *NEW MODEL*

        Product Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 (14 Reviews)

        Reviewer's Comment: "Great value for money delivered so quick and easy to install"

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        Product: Clipsal 1300mm 'Caloundra' 4 Blade Ceiling Fan White WITH LIGHT | C4HS1300L-WE

        Product Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 (6 Reviews)

        Reviewer's Comment: "What a great fan light. This would be the nicest that I have installed. Lots of room up top to hide wires and the LED light does a great job of lighting up the room."

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