Oven Spare Parts - Now in 3D !! (Almost)

Author: Andrew Aranovitch  

Hi Guys,

I hope you are well,

Thanks to your feedback, we have found another way that will save you TIME and MONEY.

No need to waste your time phoning us to ask for specific details regarding your oven replacement  elements, We have painstakingly added all the details of most major oven parts into our online catalogue.

We have carefully measured and recorded the demensions of each element and trim ring.

It is now so much easier for you to select the right oven / stove element for your job.

We have improved the selecting process 3 ways

1. Clear Picture (You can zoom in and make it bigger by clicking on the Magnifying glass when you hover over a product photo)


2. Detailed manufacturers COMPARISON codes are now on each product

3. Clear Dimensions of each part  - width x height and connection types.

So, If you are looking for:-

HOT PLATE Elements & Trim Rings  - CLICK HERE



or navigate the side menu on the home page

Thanks for taking the time to read this new post,

Sparky Direct

Andrew Aranovitch

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