Respiratory protection

Maxisafe’s products are designed and engineered to provide a complete respiratory protection solution. We have a selection of disposable respirators, which protect against dust inhalation and other irritants and include basic disposable masks for non-industrial applications, as well as heavy-duty full-face respirators with replaceable filters.

P1 half face respirators protect against mechanically generated particles produced by sanding, grinding and sawing.
P2 masks protect against mists, fumes and vapours, in addition to dust. This makes them ideal for welding, spraying and garden dusting.

For high-risk environments, our full-face respirator masks provide complete respiratory protection, keeping the wearer safe from asbestos dust, fibreglass, insecticides and other toxins. They are recommended for emergency services, automotive, construction and agriculture industries.

Trafalgar First Aid ' Passenger Vehicle’ First Aid Kit | PV1

Trafalgar First Aid ' Passenger Vehicle’ First Aid Kit | PV1

$38.12(inc. GST) $34.65(ex. GST)