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        Conduit Clips | PVC Conduit Clip Saddle

        Conduit Clips, why they are Awesome!

        Have you ever used conduit clips? If not, you're in for a treat! These little clips are very versatile and can be used for various purposes.

        What is a PVC Conduit Clip?

        Conduit clips are PVC clips with a flared end, "the cradle", and a small mounting hole in the middle. They are used to secure rigid and corrugated conduits. The flared end holds the conduit while the small hole secures the conduit clip onto a surface. The conduit clip saddles have a tongue and groove on each side, and this is designed to clip the saddles together.

        Why is this Clip Awesome?

        There are a few reasons why conduit clips are awesome. First, they are versatile. They can be used for various purposes. These clips can be mounted directly onto walls, ceilings and beams. Second, they are easy to use. They can be used individually or combined to make a mounting channel., Third, they're solid and durable, and they can also be engaged into a standard mounting channel.

        Conduit Clip

        What other accessories are needed to install these fittings?

        Pro Tip, Using a string line or laser level, mark out where the conduit needs to be installed, evenly space the conduit clips and mark the centre hole with a pencil. If mounting the conduit clips onto a timber surface - use pan head screws to secure the conduit clip to the surface.
        If mounting onto a concrete surface,

        1. Drill a 6mm hole with a 6mm masonry drill bit approximately 28mm deep,
        2. Clean out the hole, 
        3. Hammer in a 25mm long green plug until it is flush with the surface,
        4. Place the conduit in the half conduit saddle and then use a 25mm pan head screw and tighten the screw to the wall with a Phillips head screwdriver or battery drill.

        What is the Difference between Conduit Clips and PVC Full Saddles?

        Electricians use full PVC saddles to mount conduit in switch rooms and on various structures, patios, timber, and concrete walls. Ideal for marine applications such as fixing conduits to the upper side of a pontoon or around a swimming pool.
        Full PVC saddles are commonly preferred on non-flat surfaces, such as round timber poles, as they have 2 fixing holes on either side to hold the conduit securely to any structure.
        Conduit clips only have one concealed mounting point and are ideal for flat surfaces or when multiple conduits need to be installed side by side.
        Both Conduit clips and saddles are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications,

        If you would like to save on 20mm, 25mm, 32mm full PVC saddle or 20mm, 25mm conduit clips (pipe clip PVC), look no further. Sparky Direct has an extensive range at excellent prices, and shop online for nationwide delivery and Save!