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        Legrand Switches

        Legrand Switches: Powering Up Innovation, Style, and Convenience

        Legrand, the world's largest manufacturer of switches and sockets, sets the standard in design and technology across the globe. Combining state-of-the-art innovation, exceptional aesthetic appeal, and unmatched durability, Legrand switches add a touch of modern convenience and sophistication to any space.

        Their diverse range of switches promises a solution for every need - from slim and stylish to smart and weather resistant. Be it for residential, commercial or medical applications, They have got you covered with their expansive collection.

        Legrand Switches: Excel Life

        Legrand Excel Life switches represent the pinnacle of electrical accessories. It is an unrivalled product line designed to cater to the most rigorous demands of various applications. The Excel Life series, now boasting the revolutionary Smart and Matt ranges, offers a comprehensive selection of switches that bring together top-tier functionality and a luxurious appeal.
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        Legrand Excel Life Smart: The Future of Home Automation

        Welcome to the next level of home control. Excel Life Smart is a series of smart wiring devices that elevate your home automation experience. Developed in conjunction with Netatmo, these switches integrate seamlessly with existing Excel Life installations, giving you comprehensive home control through a wall switch, smartphone, or voice command via a digital assistant.

        Experience enhanced convenience, security, and energy efficiency without the hassle of replacing your current lighting or appliances. With Excel Life Smart, your average switch just got smarter!

        Legrand Excel Life Matt: Where Performance Meets Aesthetics

        Meet Excel Life Matt - a line of wiring devices where functionality meets design. Our switches don a luxurious matt texture that not only looks visually striking but also eases cleaning and maintenance. Create a designer finish that complements your matt surfaces, tapware, and appliances, or choose to stand out with a contrasting style. Outshine with Matt!

        Tailored Solutions for Every Project

        Legrand's Excel Life has all you need for any project - office, restaurant, retail store, or otherwise. Offering a broad range of functions in a single series, it's designed to improve productivity and convenience in any business or organization. In our commitment to sustainable practices, Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs) are provided for key products, detailing aspects from manufacturing to end-of-life product management.


        Q: How do Legrand switches integrate with existing installations?

        A: Excel Life Smart switches blend seamlessly with existing Excel Life installations, giving you the added convenience of full home control via a wall switch, smartphone, or voice command through a digital assistant.

        Q: Do I need to replace my current lighting or appliances to use Legrand Excel Life Smart switches?

        A: No, the Excel Life Smart switches are designed to work with your existing lighting and appliances, making your transition to a smart home smooth and hassle-free.

        Q: How does the matt finish on Excel Life Matt switches to aid in maintenance?

        A: The unique matt finish on our switches not only provides a sophisticated look but also makes them easier to clean and maintain.