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        Hot Water Dur-alloy Elements

        What is Dur-alloy?
        Using a specially processed High Grade stainless alloy, the Dur-alloy elements approach incaloy corrosion resistance for roughly the same price as copper.

        Why Dur-alloy?
        Dissolved minerals (such as salt, calcium & lime) in the water supply can result in scale (like that found in a well used kettle which sometimes comes losse and ends up in your coffee) building up on a water heating element. Where these concentrations are high, this will considerably shorten the life of the element. Traditionally, elements utilising expensive stainless steel alloys such as incaloy (800 & 825) that are resistant to this scale build are used to extend element life in hard water areas but these are becoming less popular due to their higher prices.

        Increased durability in soft water markets & suitable for higher hardness mains supplies in regional cities. (Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth)