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        CLIPSAL 31LCDA | Load Correction Device for Enhanced Dimming of LED & CFL Lighting | 450w
        $43.95 $39.95 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our CLIPSAL 31LCDA | Load Correction Device for Enhanced Dimming of LED & CFL Lighting | 450w video.


        CLIPSAL 31LCDA | Load Correction Device for Enhanced Dimming of LED & CFL Lighting | 450w

        Today, the lighting market offers consumers more choice than ever before. Low-powered, energy efficient lighting technologies, such as LEDs and CFLs, are now replacing traditional incandescent or halogen resistive load types. However, this shift has created a market-wide problem — compatibility issues when dimming these new non-resistive loads with phase-controlled dimmers.

        Many lighting manufacturers label their LED and CFL loads as being dimmable or compatible, even though there are no test standards to confirm such claims. These non-resistive loads include complex electronic circuits in the LED drivers or CFL ballasts, which attempt to replicate the dimming behaviour of traditional resistive loads. If the LED drivers or CFL ballasts are not fully compatible with a particular dimmer, it will lead to erratic lighting behaviour.

        The common indicators of less/non-compatible, energy-efficient lighting are flickering, a significantly smaller dimming range and a dim glow even when the load is in the off-state.

        That’s why Clipsal by Schneider Electric created a device that provides enhanced dimming control of low-powered, energy-efficient lighting. The Clipsal 31LCDA Load Correction Device is designed to improve the dimming performance of most dimmable LEDs/CFLs when used in conjunction with Clipsal 2-Wire Dimmers. This affordable solution will compensate for the shortcomings seen in many of these complex and low-powered load types.

        The next time you experience compatibility issues between a Clipsal 2-Wire Dimmer and a new LED/CFL load, the 31LCDA should be your first course of action.

        Features and Benefits

        • Stable dimming control: improved dimming performance and load stability across a wide range.
        • Specifically designed for use with Clipsal 2-Wire Dimmers that use phase-controlled dimming technology (LE, TE or universal).
        • Ensures off-state: reduces flicker or dim glow when the load is turned off.
        • Lowers minimum load constraints: enhanced compatibility with low-powered, dimmable LED or CFL.


        • 31LCDA Load:  Correction Device, stand-alone, with 2 fly leads. For low-powered, dimmable CFL and LED lighting loads. For DIN rail and stand-alone dimmer channels.
        • Operating voltage range:  220 – 240V a.c. typical, 50Hz only.
        • Application: Indoor use only.
        • Suitability: Clipsal 2-Wire Dimmer products, DIN rail or stand-alone.
        • Dimmer types: Leading-edge, trailing edge or universal.
        • Suitable loads: Dimmable CFL/dimmable LED with electronic control.
        • Characteristics: Dimming control stability with extra-low-power loads. Positive off-state for phase-controlled dimmer products. Stability over a wide dimming range.
        • Load rating: 450W for dimmable LED, 350W for dimmable CFL or rating of the dimmer (whichever is less).



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 2 Year
        Commercial Use: 2 Year
        Warranty Method: Clipsal in home warranty


        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Clipsal by Schneider Electric
        SKU 31LCDA
        Barcode # 9311554760304
        Shipping Weight 0.0220kg
        Shipping Width 0.060m
        Shipping Height 0.025m
        Shipping Length 0.110m
        Shipping Cubic 0.000165000m3
        TYPE VALUE
        Type Load Correction
        Brand Clipsal by Schneider Electric
        Wattage (W) 450

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        Work well - when correctly installed on 26 June 2018

        I connected two of the Load Correction Devices, one to a Clipsal Universal Dimmer and one to a Clipsal LED Dimmer. Both of these dimmers had a flicker, the Universal dimmer being far worse than the 'LED' dimmer. When I first connected the Load Correction Device it made the flicker far worse, especially for the Universal Dimmer. I shot an email off to Clipsal asking advice, but I missed the return call. In the meantime I wondered whether I had located them in the wrong point, I had been lazy and tried connecting them at the dimmer. I then connected tham at a light (the first in the group of four) and they worked perfectly! So, if you do have flickering LED's these WILL help, just make sure you connect them at the light point - this is something not made clear in the instructions!!


        Great service & a product that does what it cl on 18 October 2017

        I used the load correction device with a set of 2 LED down lights on a c-bus dimmer rail, which were constantly flickering, whether in the on or off state. With the device installed, the flickering is 100% gone. Same with a circuit with a single LED. Works like a charm. Thanks for the quick service. Regards - Paul
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