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        Red Smoke Alarms RAC240 | Smoke Alarm Controller | 240V
        $49.45 $44.95 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Red Smoke Alarms RAC240 | Smoke Alarm Controller | 240V video.

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        Red Smoke Alarms RAC240 | Smoke Alarm Controller | 240V

        Model No: RAC240

        R240 or R240RC 240v smoke alarms must be fitted with the Red R240ACB Isolator Base to connect to the Controller. If you do not use the R240ACB isolator bases the 240v Smoke alarm controller will not be able to control the alarm.

        Finally, a way to silence alarms in the middle of the night.

        • Instantly silence alarms that are going off;
        • instantly locate which alarm is false alarming.
        • Allows the occupants to deal with false alarms – instantly and effortlessly.
        • Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall
        • Connects with R240 (only if installed with an R240ACB Isolator base), and R240RC (only if installed with an R240ACB Isolator base).

        You can instantly silence alarms that are going off and instantly locate which alarm is false alarming.

        In any property with interconnected smoke alarms – the Controller provides a practical, quick and simple way to silence the alarms.

        Wiring connections

        • AO = Active Out
        • Ain = Active In
        • Nin = Neutral In
        • No = Neutral Out
        • SW = Battery -ve (Black)
        • I = Interconnect (White)

        With rental properties in Queensland now requiring interconnected alarms – no property should have their smoke alarms upgraded without including the Smoke Alarm Controller. This provides tenants with a simple way to silence alarms, reduces maintenance calls -outs and limits damage to the smoke alarms by the tenants.

        Important Information
        Queensland Smoke Alarm legislation
        The new QLD smoke alarm legislation starts on January 1st 2022, All properties leased or sold in Queensland must be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms of the home as well as hallways or between areas containing bedrooms and on each storey of the dwelling.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 10 Year
        Commercial Use: 10 Year
        Warranty Method: If you have a faulty smoke alarm, please contact Red Smoke Alarms Customer service. They offer a 10 year full parts and labour warranty on all RED Smoke Alarms.

        Red smoke alarms are supported by a national network of service/warranty agents ready to swing into action in the rare event that you ever have a faulty smoke alarm.

        Red Smoke Alarms contact number is 1300 316 552

        Contacting Sparky Direct for a product fault after installation will delay the fix all repairs are handled by RED Smoke Alarms.


        Why you should not upgrade the smoke alarms in a property without including the Smoke Alarm Controller.

        When upgraded to meet the new Queensland legislation, most properties will have between 4-6 interconnected smoke alarms – if one goes off, they all go off – an incredibly loud and annoying experience. What does a tenant do when this happens?

        With the Smoke Alarm Controller, there is no need for the tenant to put up with the deafening noise, no need to run around the house trying to find out which smoke alarms are causing the problem, no need to get on a ladder – the alarms can be silenced from the one wall-mounted switch.

        This will result in fewer maintenance calls to you (often in the middle of the night), less stress for your tenants and less cost for your owners. Tenants won’t need to break a smoke alarm to stop it from going off, saving replacement costs.

        No property should have its smoke alarms upgraded and interconnected without including the Smoke Alarm Controller.


        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Red Smoke Alarms
        SKU RAC240
        Barcode # 9358418000008
        Shipping Weight 0.1100kg
        Shipping Width 0.110m
        Shipping Height 0.050m
        Shipping Length 0.110m
        Shipping Cubic 0.000605000m3
        TYPE VALUE
        Type Electrical Accessories
        Type Smoke Alarm
        Brand Red Smoke Alarms
        Colour White
        Height (mm) 30
        Width (mm) 116
        Length (mm) 75

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        RAC240 Smoke Alarm Controller on 4 February 2022

        This product does what it says it will do. However, the terminals on the PCB are very low down. When mounting onto a metal C clip, the cables coming out of the terminal are so low you have to bend them greater than 90 degrees to get the plate on the wall. Even then, when I pulled the plate off there was damage to the insulation from the metal C clip. Either the terminals have to be made higher on the PCB, or a mounting block has to be used. Which looks ugly. So either the terminals need to move up, or different terminals fitted allowing the wiring to be perpendicular to the board need to be used.
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