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        Alpha HSKELW10QR | 10 Piece Prolock Quick Change Holesaw Kit
        $280.50 $255.00 ex. GST

        Alpha HSKELW10QR | 10 Piece Prolock Quick Change Holesaw Kit


        Elevate your toolkit with the Alpha HSKELW10QR | 10 Piece Prolock Quick Change Holesaw Kit, the ultimate solution for tradesmen seeking efficiency, precision, and durability. This comprehensive set is engineered to streamline your work process, offering fast arbour changes, easy slug removal, and a rigid locking mechanism for clean, accurate holes. Each component, from the durable M2 HSS pilot drill to the heavy-duty extension bar, is crafted for longevity and performance.

        Also Included is a BONUS pair of Sterling Black Panther Industrial Snips. These 185mm Black Panther snips are designed not just for power but for precision and comfort. With ergonomic handles for a non-slip grip and stainless steel serrated edges, they glide through materials ranging from wire to Kevlar®, making them an indispensable tool in your kit.


        • Quick Change System: Fast arbour changes and easy slug removal enhance your workflow.
        • Precision Cutting: A 118-degree split point and M2 HSS pilot drill ensure precise, clean cuts.
        • Durable Construction: White Pointer Bi-Metal holesaws with 8% cobalt welded teeth for cutting through various materials.
        • Ergonomic Snips: Bonus Sterling 29-701 Industrial Snips with comfort grip handles and stainless steel serrated edges for versatile cutting.


        Q: Who is this product for?
        A: It's ideal for tradesmen and wood/metal workers looking for a versatile and efficient cutting solution.

        Q: What makes this kit unique?
        A: Its quick change mechanism, durability, and the bonus Sterling Black Panther Industrial Snips set it apart, offering unmatched efficiency and precision.

        Q: Can it cut through stainless steel and cast iron?
        A: Yes, the White Pointer Bi-Metal holesaws are designed for cutting stainless steel, cast iron, and a variety of other materials.

        Unlock a new standard in cutting with the Alpha HSKELW10QR | 10 Piece Prolock Quick Change Holesaw Kit and the bonus Sterling 29-701 Industrial Snips. Designed for the demanding tradesman, this bundle offers unparalleled efficiency, precision, and durability, ensuring you're equipped for any project.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct




        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Alpha
        SKU HSKELW10QR
        TYPE VALUE
        Type Tools
        Brand Alpha
        Colour White

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