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        SUNGROW SH10.0RS | 10kW Hybrid Single Phase Solar Inverter
        $3,575.00 $3,250.00 ex. GST

        SUNGROW SH10.0RS | 10kW Hybrid Single Phase Solar Inverter

        The Sungrow SH10.0RS is a high-performance 10kW hybrid single phase solar inverter designed for residential use. This inverter supports a 600 Vdc system and integrates seamlessly with solar power setups to provide efficient energy conversion and management.

        Equipped with advanced features such as smart PID recovery, real-time data monitoring, and a wide MPPT voltage range, the SH10.0RS ensures optimal performance and reliability. Its user-friendly design includes plug-and-play installation, 24/7 live monitoring via the iSolarCloud platform, and robust safety features such as arc fault circuit interrupter and surge protection.


        • High Yield: Supports high power PV modules with a wide MPPT voltage range (40V-560V) for maximum energy harvest.
        • Smart Management: Real-time data monitoring, online IV curve scan and diagnosis, and 24/7 live monitoring.
        • Robust Safety: Includes arc fault circuit interrupter, built-in Type II DC&AC SPD, and C5 corrosion protection.
        • User-Friendly: Plug-and-play installation, integrated display, and app/web-based monitoring through iSolarCloud.
        • Energy Independence: Seamless transition to backup mode during power outages and fast charging/discharging for higher self-consumption.


        Q: What is the maximum efficiency of the Sungrow SH10.0RS inverter?
        A: The maximum efficiency is 97.5%.

        Q: Can the SH10.0RS be monitored remotely?
        A: Yes, it offers real-time data monitoring and over-the-air firmware updates via the iSolarCloud platform.

        Q: What safety features are included in the SH10.0RS?
        A: The inverter includes an arc fault circuit interrupter, built-in Type II DC&AC SPD, and a C5 corrosion protection rating.

        Q: What is the MPPT voltage range for the SH10.0RS?
        A: The MPPT voltage range is 40V to 560V, making it compatible with various PV modules.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        This warranty offers a combined coverage of 10 years, divided into two phases:

        First 5 Years: During this period, you are entitled to a full product replacement in case of any issues or defects. This means if your product malfunctions within the first 5 years, you'll receive a brand-new replacement.

        Following 5 Years: After the initial 5 years, the warranty continues for an additional 5 years, but it shifts to covering parts only. In this phase, if any product components need replacement or repair, the warranty will cover the cost of those parts.

        This comprehensive warranty (Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct) ensures both the longevity and performance of your product, offering you peace of mind for a full decade. 

        Specification Details
        Input (DC)
        Recommended max. PV input power 20000 Wp
        Max. PV input voltage 600 V
        Min. operating PV voltage / Start-up input voltage 40 V / 50 V
        Rated PV input voltage 360 V
        MPP voltage range 40V – 560 V
        No. of independent MPP inputs 4
        Default No. of PV strings per MPPT 1\1\1\1
        Max. PV input current 64 A (16 A / 16 A / 16 A / 16 A)
        Max. DC short-circuit current 80 A (20 A / 20 A / 20 A / 20 A)
        Max. current for input connector 20 A
        Battery Data
        Battery type Li-ion battery
        Battery voltage range 80 V – 460 V
        Max. charge / discharge current 50 A / 50 A
        Max. charge / discharge power 10000 W / 10000 W
        Output (AC)
        Max. AC input power from grid 14500 VA
        Rated AC output power 9999 W
        Max. AC output power 9999 VA
        Max. AC output current 45.5 A
        Rated AC voltage 1 / N / PE, 220 V / 230 V / 240V
        AC voltage range 154 V – 276 V
        Rated grid frequency / Grid frequency range 45 Hz – 55 Hz / 55 Hz – 65 Hz
        Harmonic (THD) < 3 % (at rated power)
        Power factor at rated power / Adjustable power factor > 0.99 / 0.8 leading – 0.8 lagging
        Feed-in phases / Connection phases 1 / 1-N-PE
        Backup Data (on grid mode)
        Rated output power for backup load 14500 W
        Rated output current for backup load 63 A
        Backup Data (off-grid mode)
        Rated voltage 1 / N / PE, 220 V / 230 V / 240V( ± 2 % )
        Rated grid frequency 50 Hz / 60Hz ( ± 2 % )
        Output voltage harmonic ( THD ) < 2 %
        Switch time to emergency mode < 10 ms
        Rated output power 9999 W / 9999 VA
        Peak output power 13680 VA, 10 s
        Max. efficiency 97.5%
        European efficiency 97.1%
        Protection & Function
        Grid monitoring Yes
        DC reverse polarity protection Yes
        AC short-circuit protection Yes
        Leakage current protection Yes
        DC switch(solar) Yes
        Surge protection DC type II / AC type II
        PID Zero Yes
        Parallel operation on grid port / Max. No of inverters 3
        Battery input reverse polarity protection Yes
        AFCI Yes
        IV scan and diagnosis Yes
        General Data
        Dimensions (W*H*D) 605 * 435 * 181 mm
        Weight 29 kg
        Mounting method Wall-mounting bracket
        Topology Transformerless
        Degree of protection IP65
        Operating ambient temperature range -25 to 60 ℃
        Allowable relative humidity range (non-condensing) 0 – 100 %
        Cooling method Natural Convection
        Max. operating altitude 4000 m
        Noise ( typical ) 45 dB ( A )
        Display LED digital display & LED indicator
        Communication RS485 / Ethernet / WLAN / CAN
        DI / DO DI * 1 / DO * 2 / DRM
        DC connection type MC4 ( PV ) / Plug and play connector ( battery )
        AC connection type Plug and play connector
        Grid compliance IEC 62109-1:2010, IEC 62109-2, IEC 62477-1, IEC61000-6-1/-2/-3/-4, IEC62920, EN55011, CISPR 11, AS/NZS 4777.2:2020

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand SUNGROW
        SKU SH10.0RS
        Shipping Weight 37.6000kg
        Shipping Width 0.790m
        Shipping Height 0.280m
        Shipping Length 0.600m
        Shipping Cubic 0.132720000m3
        TYPE VALUE
        Type Hybrid Inverter
        Brand Sungrow
        Colour White

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