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        Smart Solutions for your home or workplace

        Large range of smart items to make your life easier.

        What is Zigbee?

        Zigbee is also ideal for areas where the internet may be unreliable. Mesh technology allows for a more stable connection across all products, and there are some functions that can be used without an internet connection. These local control options make the setup process easier and allow you to operate your system without the frustration of unreliable internet.

        f you’re looking for a larger-scale, complete automation system for residential or commercial settings, the Zigbee range features mesh technology that makes it easier to pair and control a large number of products without having to worry about router capacity. 

        What is Wi-Fi?

        A Wi-Fi range is perfect for simple home automation requirements or for getting started with just a few products. There are no additional costs for hubs or gateways, it’s easy to set up, and it can be expanded to a complete home automation ecosystem. There is also a wide range of accessories available, such as additional routers and extenders, to support a whole-of-home solution.