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        AC Duct Cover 100mm | Air Conditioning

        100mm Premium AC Duct Covers for Split System Airconditioners

        Tradespeople and electricians require quality AC duct covers, or, as some call it, air conditioner capping, to cover the ac pipes and air conditioning conduit (drain work) after they install split-system Air conditioners.

        Selecting the right AC duct cover is crucial because you need to know that bends, elbows, and joiners are all available to make the installation look great and that it will save you time on installation.

        Covering the pipes and drains protects your assets from damage and wear and enhances the overall efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

        This guide explores the top-rated AC duct covers, focusing on our 80mm and 100mm models, perfect for any installation or upgrade.

        Explore Our Range of AC Duct Covers

        AC Duct Pipe Cover

        Our selection of AC duct pipe covers is designed to provide maximum protection and efficiency. From the sleek 80mm AC Duct Cover to the robust 100mm Wall Cap AC Duct Cover, we have options to suit any system requirement.

        The following AC Capping accessories are available to make your installation a "Cool" breeze. 

        and many more in both 80mm and 100mm

        High-Quality AC Duct Cover Material

        Crafted from premium PVC materials, our AC duct covers withstand harsh Australian conditions without rusting or perishing over time. Their durability ensures your system remains protected year after year.

        Air Conditioning Conduit

        While certain professionals opt for specialised air conditioning conduits, it's common for most to utilise standard grey electrical conduits. Although both types serve the purpose of channelling water, air conditioning conduits, when used, are typically white. This distinct colouration makes it easier to differentiate them from electrical conduits.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Q: How Do You Cover AC Pipes?

        A: Covering AC pipes efficiently requires selecting the right size and type of duct cover for your system. Our 80mm and 100mm AC duct covers are designed for easy fitting and provide a secure cover for your AC pipes.

        Q: Can You Paint Over the AC Duct Covers?

        A: Our AC duct covers can be painted over to match your home's interior or exterior decor. Their material is compatible with most paints, allowing for a seamless integration into your space.

        Q: Will the AC Duct Covers Corrode in the Weather?

        A: Our AC duct covers are made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring they withstand weather conditions without deteriorating, offering long-lasting protection and efficiency.

        Q: Why Choose Our AC Duct Covers?

        A: We offer a quality product. Our AC duct covers are protective elements designed to enhance the look and style of your installation; with various accessories to choose from, you can make the installation as pretty as a picture.

        Versatile Solutions for your aircon AC Duct Covers

        Whether you need the sleek profile of the 80mm AC Duct Cover or the robustness of the 100mm option, our products are tailored to meet diverse installation needs.

        Choosing the right AC duct cover is essential for protecting your air conditioning system and enhancing efficiency. Our range of AC duct covers offers the perfect combination of durability, aesthetics, and performance. Explore our selection today and take the first step towards a more efficient and protected air conditioning system.