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        Rinnai T Series Air Conditioners

        Learn all about the Rinnai T Series Air Conditioners here at Sparky Direct [ Read More ]

        Rinnai T Series Air Conditioners: Unleashing Superior Comfort & Efficiency

        In an era where comfort and efficiency are paramount, the Rinnai T Series Inverter Split System is a testament to both. Designed for the unique needs of Australian homes, this air conditioning system guarantees heating and cooling all year round, no matter the climate.

        Rinnai T Series Designed for Australians

        With operational capabilities across a wide range of temperatures, the Rinnai T series ensures the comfort you need from conditions as low as -15°C to peak summer temperatures as high as 52°C. The outdoor unit also features a practical anti-frost mode for high-performance heating in cooler climates.

        A Greener Future with T Series

        As part of our commitment to a greener future, the T Series utilises R32 refrigerant, which has greater environmental performance than traditional refrigerants. These improved efficiencies exceed energy performance requirements in Australia, reducing running costs and minimising environmental impact.

        Refreshing Comfort in Every Corner

        New Fin-Shaped Louver technology optimises 3D air distribution, improving long-distance air supply. The air blades can swing horizontally and vertically, ensuring optimal room temperature and comfort.

        Enhanced Air Quality

        Equipped with a high-density air filter, the T Series provides essential heating and cooling and enhances indoor air quality by absorbing and eliminating unwanted contaminants.

        Innovative Wi-Fi Control

        With our intuitive Android or Apple App, you can set your preferred temperature from anywhere, ensuring your home is always comfortable. Additionally, the T Series can be controlled via Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart devices, taking comfort to the next level.

        FAQ Section

        Q: What is the Fresh Function?

        A: Every time the unit is turned off, a 3-minute cleaning cycle is run, keeping the indoor unit free of excess moisture. This function enhances the life and performance of the unit.

        Q: What is Sleep Mode?

        A: The intelligent sleep mode operates on a two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

        Q: How does the Timer Function work?

        A: A delay ON or OFF timer allows you to select a period of time (from 30 minutes to 24 hours), after which the unit will turn either on or off, depending on its current status. A 7-day programmable timer is also available and can be operated via an iOS or Android Wi-Fi App for added functionality and control.

        Q: What is the Long Distance Air Supply feature?

        A: The T Series can supply volumes of cool air with airflow distances reaching up to 15 meters, creating a comfortable wall-to-wall environment.

        Q: Does the T Series have a self-diagnosis function?

        A: Yes, in the unlikely event of a fault, the system will switch off automatically to protect itself, determine what is at fault, and the indoor will display the relevant error code to diagnose precisely what has gone wrong.