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        Clipsal ArcFault Detection | AFDD

        Learn more by watching our Clipsal ArcFault Detection | AFDD video

        Keep your family and property protected with AFDD Arc Fault Protection.

        In just seconds, undetected arc faults can break out into an electrical fire. Broken wires, loose connections, crushed cables and worn insulation can all cause hidden arc faults in electrical circuits. Arc Fault Detection Device’s (AFDD’s), also known as Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, can help to isolate the faulty circuit as soon as the Arc fault is detected.

        Arc faults can be difficult to see. They usually occur in hidden places, such as damaged cables, inside walls or a loose connection in a hidden junction box, or outlet sockets.

        Arc Faults are one of the main causes of electrical fires. These fires are surprisingly common in older buildings.