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        GoodWe GW2000-XS-11 | 2kW Single-MPPT Grid-Tied PV Inverter
        $488.40 $444.00 ex. GST

        GoodWe GW2000-XS-11 | 2kW Single-MPPT Grid-Tied PV Inverter


        Are you ready to embrace a smarter, more efficient way to harness solar energy for your home? Look no further than the GoodWe GW2000-XS-11 Grid-Tied PV Inverter. With its exceptional features and compact design, it's the perfect addition to your solar power system.

        Key Benefits:

        • Ultra-Small and Lightweight: The GW2000-XS-11 is incredibly compact, equivalent in size to an A4 paper, and weighs only 5.8 kg. This lightweight design makes it easy to carry and install, saving you time and effort.

        • High Efficiency: Enjoy maximum performance with an efficiency rating of up to 97.5%. This inverter ensures that you get the most out of your solar panels, translating into substantial energy savings.

        • Smart Energy Management: With 24-hour load consumption monitoring enabled by GoodWe HomeKit 10001, you can take control of your energy usage. This feature empowers you to make informed decisions about your energy consumption, ultimately saving you money.

        • Adaptive to Local Regulations: The integrated export power limit feature allows the GW2000-XS-11 to adapt to the power restrictions imposed by your local energy provider. Say goodbye to unnecessary fines for exceeding power limits.

        • Oversizing Capability: Despite its compact size, this inverter is equipped with 130% DC oversizing capability, ensuring full load output even during extreme weather conditions. Plus, it offers 110% AC output overloading, generating 10% additional power compared to the nominal output.

        • Early Start: The 40 V start-up voltage enables the inverter to kick in earlier during the day, capturing more sunlight and increasing your overall power generation.

        • Seamless Integration: The GW2000-XS-11 offers both LAN and Wi-Fi communication options via a module (sold separately), enabling seamless integration into your smart home system for convenient monitoring and control.


        Q: How compact is the GW2000-XS-11?
        A: This inverter is exceptionally compact, with dimensions equivalent to an A4 paper. It weighs only 5.8 kg, making it easy to carry and install.

        Q: What efficiency can I expect from this inverter?
        A: The GW2000-XS-11 boasts an efficiency rating of up to 97.5%, ensuring maximum performance and energy savings.

        Q: Is the inverter adaptive to local regulations?
        A: Absolutely, it comes with integrated export power limit functionality, ensuring compliance with your local energy provider's regulations.

        Q: Does it have oversizing capability?
        A: Despite its compact size, this inverter offers 130% DC oversizing and 110% AC output overloading, ensuring full load output even in challenging conditions.

        Q: How early does the inverter start generating power?
        A: The 40 V start-up voltage enables the inverter to kick in earlier during the day, maximizing your power generation.

        Upgrade your solar power system with the GoodWe GW2000-XS-11 Grid-Tied PV Inverter. Experience exceptional efficiency, smart energy management, and seamless integration into your home. Make the smart choice for a brighter and more sustainable future—choose GoodWe today!



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        Max. Input Power (W)*2 2900
        Max. Input Voltage (V) 500
        MPPT Operating Voltage Range (V) 50 - 450
        Start-up Voltage (V) 50
        Nominal Input Voltage (V) 360
        Max. Input Current per MPPT (A) 15
        Max. Short Circuit Current per MPPT (A) 18.75
        Number of MPP Trackers 1
        Number of Strings per MPPT 1
        Nominal Output Power (W) 2000
        Nominal Output Apparent Power (VA) 2000
        Max. AC Active Power (W)*1 2200
        Max. AC Apparent Power (VA)*1 2200
        Nominal Output Voltage (V) 230
        Output Voltage Range (V) 154 ~ 288
        Nominal AC Grid Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
        AC Grid Frequency Range (Hz) 45 ~ 55 / 57 ~ 63
        Max. Output Current (A) 9.6
        Power Factor ~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
        Max. Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
        Max efficiency / European 97.5% / 97.0%
        PV Insulation Resistance Detection Integrated
        Residual Current Monitoring Integrated
        Anti-islanding Protection Integrated
        AC Overcurrent Protection Integrated
        AC Short Circuit Protection Integrated
        AC Overvoltage Protection Integrated
        DC Switch Integrated
        DC Surge Protection Type III (Type II Optional)
        AC Surge Protection Type III
        AFCI Optional
        General Data  
        Operating Temperature Range (°C) -25 ~ +60
        Relative Humidity 0 ~ 100%
        Max. Operating Altitude (m) 3000
        Cooling Method Natural Convection
        User Interface LED, LCD, WLAN + APP
        Communication WiFi or LAN or RS485 (Optional)
        Weight (kg) 5.8
        Dimension (W × H × D mm) 295 × 230 × 113
        Noise Emission (dB) <25
        Topology Non-isolated
        Self-consumption at Night (W) <1
        Ingress Protection Rating IP65
        DC Connector MC4 (2.5 ~ 4mm²)
        AC Connector Plug and play connector

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand GoodWe
        SKU GW2000-XS-11
        Shipping Weight 7.8000kg
        Shipping Width 0.345m
        Shipping Height 0.280m
        Shipping Length 0.163m
        Shipping Cubic 0.015745800m3
        TYPE VALUE
        Type PV Inverter
        Brand GoodWe
        Colour White

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