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        Volt Safety Lock-Kit-P-Bundle10 | Electrical Contractor Lockout Tagout Kit | 10 Pack
        $862.40 $784.00 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Volt Safety Lock-Kit-P-Bundle10 | Electrical Contractor Lockout Tagout Kit | 10 Pack video.

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        Volt Safety Lock-Kit-P-Bundle10 | Electrical Contractor Lockout Tagout Kit | 10 Pack


        The Volt Safety Lock-Kit-P-Bundle10 is a bulk offering designed for electrical contractors prioritizing workplace safety across multiple sites. This 10-pack lockout tagout kit ensures that all necessary tools for securing electrical systems are readily available, making it perfect for large teams or various work locations. Each kit is packed in a heavy-duty black belt bag equipped with an adjustable waist strap, multiple compartments, and pouches for organized and portable safety solutions.


        • Bulk Savings: Offers substantial cost savings with a 10-pack bundle.
        • Portable & Organized: Each kit comes in a durable belt bag for easy transport and access.
        • Compliance Guaranteed: Meets critical safety standards for electrical work.
        • Versatile Use: Equipped for a wide range of electrical lockout scenarios.
        • Essential Tools Included: Features lockout devices and additional tools for comprehensive safety measures.


        Q: Who can benefit from the Lock-Kit-P?
        A: Ideal for electricians and contractors needing reliable lockout tagout tools for electrical safety compliance.

        Q: Is the kit suitable for all types of circuit breakers?
        A: Yes, it includes versatile lockout devices for a wide range of mini-circuit breakers.

        Q: What makes this bundle a cost-effective choice?
        A: The 3-pack bundle offers significant savings, providing multiple kits at a reduced price for teams or varied work sites.

        Ensure electrical safety on every job with the Volt Safety Lock-Kit-P-Bundle10, your go-to choice for lockout tagout efficiency and compliance.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        Each Kit Includes
        1 x Belt Bag
        5 x 200mm Cable Ties
        5 x Reusable Danger Do Not Operate Tags
        1 x 1000V Flathead Screwdriver 2.5mm
        1 x UV Resistant Marker
        2 x Mini Circuit Breaker Yellow
        1 x Mini Circuit Breaker Blue
        1 x Dielectric padlock 38mm Nylon Shank
        1 x Saftey Padlock 38mm Steel Shank
        1 x Dielectric 6 Hole hasp 25mm x 63mm


        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Volt Safety
        SKU Lock-Kit-P-Bundle10
        TYPE VALUE
        Type Safety Products
        Brand Volt Safety

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