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        AC Duct Cover 80 mm | Air Conditioning

        80mm Superior AC Duct Covers for Split System Air Conditioners

        For professionals like tradespeople and electricians, high-quality AC duct covers—often referred to as air conditioner capping—are essential for encasing AC pipes and air conditioning drainage systems after installing split-system air conditioners.

        Choosing the appropriate AC duct cover is vital. Compatible fittings such as bends, elbows, and joiners must be available to facilitate a seamless installation and enhance the visual appeal of the setup, saving you valuable time.

        Securing the pipes and drainage effectively safeguards your investment from potential damage and degradation, simultaneously boosting the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

        This guide delves into our leading AC duct covers, highlighting our 80mm and 100mm variants, ideal for new installations and upgrades.

        Discover Our AC Duct Cover Selection

        AC Duct Pipe Cover

        Our assortment of AC duct pipe covers aims to maximize protection and efficiency. Ranging from the elegant 80mm AC Duct Cover to the sturdy 100mm Wall Cap AC Duct Cover, our collection meets the demands of any system.

        AC Capping Accessories for Effortless Installation

        Make your installation process effortlessly efficient with our available accessories, including:

        Premium AC Duct Cover Materials

        Constructed from high-grade PVC, our AC duct covers are built to endure the tough Australian climate, resisting rust and degradation over time. Their long-lasting nature ensures continuous protection for your system.

        Air Conditioning Drain Conduit

        While some professionals may prefer specialised air conditioning ductwork, most opt for standard grey electrical conduits. Although both serve to transport water, air conditioning conduits are distinguishable by their typically white colour, simplifying the differentiation from electrical conduits.

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Q: How do you cover AC pipes?

        A: Properly covering AC pipes involves selecting an AC duct cover that matches the size and specifications of your system. Our 80mm and 100mm AC duct covers are crafted for easy installation and provide a snug fit for your AC pipes.

        Q: Can you paint over the AC Duct Covers?

        A: Yes, our AC duct covers are paintable, allowing them to blend with your home's interior or exterior aesthetics. They are compatible with most paint types, ensuring easy incorporation into your décor.

        Q: Will the AC Duct Covers withstand weather conditions?

        A: Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, our AC duct covers are designed to endure the elements, ensuring durable and long-lasting protection and efficiency.

        Why Opt for Our AC Duct Covers?

        Opt for excellence with our AC duct covers. Not only do they serve as a protective measure, but they also enhance the aesthetics of your installation. With a range of accessories to choose from, you can achieve an installation that is both functional and visually pleasing.

        Tailored Solutions with AC Duct Covers

        Whether your installation calls for the sleek design of the 80mm AC Duct Cover or the solid structure of the 100mm version, our products are engineered to cater to various installation needs. The right AC duct cover is key to safeguarding and optimizing your air conditioning system.

        Explore our diverse range of AC duct covers today and elevate the efficiency and protection of your air conditioning setup.