LED Downlights

LED downlights have dropped in price over the past few years, becoming much cheaper and energy efficient than the diachroic product that was once powered by a transformer. Led Downlights are relatively new to the lighting market, they look fantastic in homes, easy to install and come in a dimmable or non dimmable format.

LED downlights are an alternative to pendant fittings that clutter the room, Create an exclusive clean feel by adding downlights to your home . White led lights keep the ceiling clean and fuss free.

Features and Benefits: You can choose from White and silver, LED Colour Range: 3000k, 4500k, 6500k  - most LED's are rated at 30,000 hrs plus.

Why use an LED Downlight? They save you money, they are clean and easy to install, These products are energy saving - you do not need Light bulbs, LED downlights come in a variety of colour outputs to choose from, LED's are cheap to run.

If you are unsure what colour you would like  - we suggest that you purchase the Robus - all in one Led downlight  - With a switch of a button changes the LED colour output to either Warm white, Cool white or Bright White - See Video Here