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        Alcolimit ALCO-044 | RBT Plus Wallmount Breathalyser
        $2,949.99 $2,681.81 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Alcolimit ALCO-044 | RBT Plus Wallmount Breathalyser video.


        Alcolimit ALCO-044 | RBT Plus Wallmount Breathalyser


        Our latest Australian Standards approved (AS3547) wall mount breathalyser features a sleek, slimline, design that fits in most entryways without obstruction.
        Its heavy-duty electrochemical fuel cell sensor is designed for use in workplaces, pubs & clubs.

        Utilising Self replaceable sensor technology means you simply remove and replace the sensor when recalibration is due.
        Low purchase price and low cost maintenance make it the most affordable on the market!


        • Accuracy 0.005 @ 0.100%BAC
        • 3 decimal place readout
        • Heavy-duty electrochemical fuel cell sensor
        • Visual cues for noisy environments
        • Coin or free use option
        • Uses ordinary drinking straws   
        • Straw dispenser included and attaches separately
        • Sturdy metal construction but light enough to attach to any wall


        Our wall mounted breathalysers are heavily used in the mining and construction industries at a point of entry to the workplace and in employee locker rooms (enabling them a voluntary self-test prior to walking on-site).

        Our wall mounted breathalysers are being used in pubs, clubs and a large number of RSL clubs as part of a Government initiative to bring awareness to the effects of alcohol and prevent drink driving.

        Servicing of wall mounted breathalysers in pubs and clubs was previously an issue about 5 years ago. The wall-mounted breathalysers were used for drinking games and the sensors became soaked with alcohol residue rendering them useless to other patrons until they were serviced.

        Due to the servicing problem with other brands of breathalysers, we released the AlcoLimit Wallmount SRS technology which allows simple and easy replacement of the sensor.  This eliminates down-time by allowing the workplace or pub to follow the prompts and install the new pre-calibrated sensor module themselves.

        Wall-mounted units are being used in workplaces, entryways and licensed premises.  More and more pubs are installing them to not only generate revenue but also to show their adherence to the Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines. 

        Additional Details:

        Low Servicing Costs=No expensive service contracts: The unique replaceable sensor eliminates expensive monthly servicing fees and contracts. You simply replace the sensor yourself and the machine is ready for use.
        The old sensor can then be recalibrated by our technicians and you can reuse it next time.

        High Accuracy & Stability: The latest technology electrochemical fuel cell sensor provides highly accurate readings and a fast recovery time. The stability of the AlcoLimit fuel cell sensor allows for use in all weather environments. It is not affected by temperature and is not disrupted by other gasses. For use in a heavy duty environment, where high levels of alcohol are being consumed or a high number of uses are needed per day.

        Visual & Audio Cues: Easy-to-read, backlit, LCD display provides instructions and %BAC readout. Audible beeps indicate when to blow and stop.  Colourful warning indicators lightup with the following indications in addition to the %BAC appearing on the LCD display:

        PASS          < 0.020 %BAC
        CAUTION      0.020-0.049 %BAC
        FAIL               0.050 %BAC upwards


        Coin or Free Use Option: Pubs & Clubs will get guaranteed returns on this machine. Activate it for $1or $2 per test and your maintenance costs are more than covered. For workplaces the free use option allows workers to test themselves easily, any time at the push of a button.

        Multiple Applications: For use in all workplaces, transport, construction, mining, airports, engineering & manufacturing. Ideal for screening all employees in safety sensitive fields. Also recommended for use at pubs, clubs, restaurants, public events, school  formals, and where RSA guidelines are enforced.

        Accurate Results: Self-check software provides a quick warm up and alerts when recalibration is due.
        Conformance to Australian Standard AS3547 ensures the accuracy, durability and functionality of the RBT Wall Mount
        breathalyser has been thoroughly tested.

        Heavy Duty Sensor - Self replaceable sensor (SRS): The precision and longevity of the electrochemical fuel cell sensor produces a short warm up time and fast measurement repetition. Microprocessor controls optimise processing speed and display time ensuring the measurement is quickly displayed. Alcohol specific calibration technology eliminates cross-reactivity with other gases.

        In-built Safety and Precision Technologies: AlcoLimit's Flow Control Technology means that the sensor checks the flow rate of your breath and must receive an adequate air sample before it will provide you with a reading. This is just one of the safety measures built into the AlcoLimit range.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct


        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Alcolimit
        SKU ALCO-044
        TYPE VALUE
        Type Breathalyser
        Brand Alcolimit
        Colour Black
        Calibration Frequency Every 28 Days
        Warm-up Time < 30 Seconds
        Housing Shock Resistant Plastic
        Door Mechanism Option May be connected to an electric door mechanism to allow entry to workplace
        Accuracy +/-0.005 @ 0.100%BAC
        Breath Sampling Time 6 Seconds
        Options Coin Operation or Free Use Button
        Mouthpiece Ordinary Drinking Straws
        Dimensions 412 x 258 x 90mm

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