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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-4 | MT770 Clamp Meter + MT500 Insulation Tester + MT310 ELCB Tester
        $484.00 $440.00 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Major Tech MT-COMBO-4 | MT770 Clamp Meter + MT500 Insulation Tester + MT310 ELCB Tester video.

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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-4 | MT770 Clamp Meter + MT500 Insulation Tester  + MT310 ELCB Tester


        The Major Tech MT-COMBO-4 is a comprehensive electrical testing kit for professional electricians. This bundle includes the MT770 Clamp Meter, the MT500 Analog Insulation Tester, and the MT310 Socket ELCB Tester, each providing essential diagnostics and safety checks for various electrical systems. Additionally, this combo comes with a free MTCT25 25mm Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Holesaw, perfect for cutting hard metals like stainless steel.

        MT770 1000A AC True RMS Clamp Meter:

        The MT770 Clamp Meter offers advanced functionality with AC and DC voltage measurements up to 1000V, AC capability up to 1000A, and additional features like INRUSH Current Measurements, VFD, LoZ mode, and a built-in flashlight. Its large, 33mm cable clamp and 6000-count backlit LCD ensure accurate and easy readings.

        MT770 Features:

        • True RMS Measurements: For accurate readings of non-linear loads.
        • Comprehensive Testing Range: Includes temperature, frequency, capacitance, and duty cycle measurements.
        • Enhanced Safety Features: LoZ mode is used to prevent false readings, and NCV is used for non-contact voltage detection.

        MT500 1000V Analogue Insulation Tester:

        Designed for durability, the MT500 tests insulation with three voltage ranges (250V, 500V, 1000V) and includes a live circuit warning, data hold function, and an illuminated display. It's rubber over mould housing and hands-free strap make it ideal for fieldwork.

        MT500 Features:

        • Multiple Test Ranges: Allows for insulation testing at various voltages.
        • Convenience and Safety: Features like automatic discharge post-testing and a lockdown test button for continuous use.
        • Durable and User-Friendly: Equipped with an illuminated display and a robust case with a hands-free strap.

        MT310 Socket ELCB Tester:

        Compact and lightweight, the MT310 tests earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs) with precision. It clearly indicates wiring status via neon lights and features fixed current settings for comprehensive testing.

        MT310 Features:

        • Practical Testing Tool: Offers straightforward operation with a compact design.
        • Fixed Current Testing: Ensures accurate ELCB testing with minimal setup.
        • Reliable Indicators: Neon lights are used for correct wiring confirmation, and an LCD is used for voltage measurements.


        Q: Can the MT770 Clamp Meter measure both AC and DC currents?
        A: Yes, the MT770 can accurately measure up to 1000A in both AC and DC modes.

        Q: What safety certifications do these testers hold?
        A: All included testers meet CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V standards, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

        Q: Is the holesaw included in this kit compatible with the tools?
        A: The MTCT25 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw is a standalone accessory ideal for cutting through tough materials like stainless steel, complementing the toolkit for more versatile applications.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        MT770 Specifications Range Accuracy
        AC Current 600.0A - 1000A ±(2.5% +8)
        DC Voltage 600.0mV – 1000V ±(1.5% +2)
        AC Voltage 6.000V – 1000V ±(1.5% +5)
        LoZ AC Voltage 6.000V – 300V ±(3.0% +40)
        Resistance 600.0Ω – 60MΩ ±(1.5% +2)
        Frequency 9.999Hz – 99.99kHz ±(1.2% +5)
        Capacitance 60.00nF – 100mF ±(3.0% +5)
        Temperature -20⁰C – 1000⁰C ±(3.0% +5⁰C)
        Duty Cycle 10.0% to 90% ±(1.2% +2)
        Size 230 x 66 x 44mm  
        Weight 350g  
        MT500 Specifications Range Accuracy
        Insulation resistance (250V) 100MΩ ±(5.0%)
        Insulation resistance (500V) 200MΩ ±(5.0%)
        Insulation resistance (1000V) 400MΩ ±(5.0%)
        Short circuit current 1.3mA  
        Measuring Current 200mA@4.5V  
        AC voltage 0 - 600V ±(3.0%)
        Resistance 3Ω - 500Ω ±(3.0%)
        Size 200 x 92 x 50mm  
        Weight 700g  
        MT310 Specifications Range Accuracy
        ELCB Trip Ratings 10mA - 15mA - 20mA - 25mA - 30mA - 35mA ± 1.75mA AT 220V AC
        AC Voltage Indication From 150V AC to 245V AC  
        Wiring Identification    
        R R R R R Wiring Correct
        Neon On R B No Earth
        B B B B B Live and Neutral Reversed
        Neon Off B R R No Neutral
          B R Live and Earth Reversed
          B B B No Live
        Size 130 x 69 x 32mm
        Weight 130g

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Major Tech
        SKU MT-COMBO-4
        TYPE VALUE
        Brand Major Tech
        Combo MT770 + MT500 + MT310

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