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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-2 | TBP7-9 Insulated Tool Kit + MT325 ELCB Tester + MT402 NCV Detector
        $605.00 $550.00 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Major Tech MT-COMBO-2 | TBP7-9 Insulated Tool Kit + MT325 ELCB Tester + MT402 NCV Detector video.

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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-2 | TBP7-9 Insulated Tool Kit + MT325 ELCB Tester + MT402 NCV Detector


        The Major Tech MT-COMBO-2 is a comprehensive bundle designed for electricians who value precision, safety, and efficiency in their tools. It includes the TBP7-9 1000V Insulated Tool Backpack, the MT325 ELCB Tester, and the MT402 NCV Detector, making it an essential kit for extensive electrical testing and maintenance tasks.

        MT325 ELCB Tester:

        This tester is expertly crafted to measure the tripping time and check the wiring integrity of ELCBs. It provides precise, accurate readings with a resolution of 1 ms. It features a user-friendly interface with fully programmed test current settings ranging from 5mA to 500mA and includes safety features such as a double injection housing for durability.

        The MT325’s compact design and a phase angle selection of 0° or 180° ensure versatile application across various testing scenarios.

        MT325 Features:

        • Double Injection Housing: Enhances the tester’s durability and handling safety.
        • Programmable Test Settings: Adjustable current settings from 5mA to 500mA to suit various testing requirements.
        • Accurate Tripping Time Measurement: This device provides precise readouts with a resolution of 1 millisecond, which is critical for detailed electrical safety assessments.
        • Phase Angle Selection: Allows for testing at either 0° or 180°, accommodating different types of ELCBs.
        • Compact and Lightweight: Designed for easy transport and use in tight spaces.
        • Data Hold Function: Freezes the trip time readout on the LCD for easier recording and analysis.
        • LED Indicators: Two LED lamps for quick wiring status checks, confirming correct connections at a glance.

        MT402 NCV Detector:

        The MT402 is designed for safe and efficient voltage detection without metallic contact. It features an easy-to-use design: the tip glows red, and an audible green light signals when voltage is detected.

        This tool is enhanced with built-in LED lighting for visibility in low-light conditions and offers a non-conductive surface for added safety. It’s ideal for quick diagnostics and checks in residential and commercial settings.

        MT402 Features:

        • Non-Contact Voltage Detection: Detects voltage up to 1000V AC without direct contact for enhanced safety.
        • Visual and Audible Indicators: Red glowing tip and green light signal when voltage is present, ensuring explicit notification.
        • Built-in LED Flashlight: Provides illumination in dark environments, enhancing visibility.
        • Pocket-Sized Convenience: Compact design for easy storage and quick access during tasks.
        • Non-Conductive Outer Surfaces: All surfaces are safe to touch, reducing the risk of accidental electric shock.
        • Easy to Use: Simple, one-touch operation for immediate voltage checking.

        TBP7-9 Tool Backpack:

        This rugged backpack has various insulated tools crucial for electrical work, including multiple pliers, a utility knife, cable shears, and a comprehensive screwdriver set. Each tool is crafted from high-quality materials to withstand 1000V, ensuring safety during use.

        The backpack itself is made from durable tarpaulin. It features a well-organized interior with a removable sleeve for easy access to tools. Its design prioritizes comfort and functionality, making transporting a complete set of tools to any job site easy.

        TBP7-9 Features:

        • Comprehensive Tool Selection: This includes a variety of 1000V insulated tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers, and cutting tools, all essential for professional electrical work.
        • Durable Tarpaulin Material: The backpack is constructed from robust tarpaulin, ensuring long-term durability and resistance to the elements.
        • Ergonomic Tool Organization: Features a removable sleeve with custom pockets for each tool, promoting efficient organization and easy access.
        • Designed for Mobility: Lightweight yet sturdy design that makes transporting tools hassle-free.
        • Insulated Safety: Tools are insulated to withstand up to 1000V, offering protection against electrical shocks.
        • Versatile Use: Ideal for various electrical tasks, from installation to maintenance.


        Q: What is the main advantage of using the MT325 ELCB Tester for electrical safety tests?
        A: The MT325 provides precise measurements of ELCB tripping time and checks for correct wiring, which is essential for ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical installations.

        Q: How does the MT402 NCV Detector enhance safety during voltage detection?
        A: It allows voltage detection without physical contact, reducing the risk of electric shock, and is equipped with visual and audible indicators to ensure precise and safe operation.

        Q: What makes the TBP7-9 Tool Backpack ideal for professional electricians?
        A: It organizes a complete set of insulated tools in a durable, easy-to-carry backpack, making it perfect for electricians who need reliable and accessible tools in varied work environments.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        MT325 Specifications Details
        Rated trip current 5mA - 10mA - 30mA - 100mA - 300mA - 500mA
        Rated Current Accuracy ± (3.0%)
        Other Test Settings No Trip - 50% Range Selected Trip Test - 5/10/30/100/300/500mA Fast Trip - 250mA
        Trip Accuracy ± (5.0%)
        Operating Voltage 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz
        Fault Trip Time 2000ms for Trip and No Trip Tests 40ms for Fast Trip
        Phase Angle Setting 0° OR 180°
        Size 130 x 69 x 32mm
        Weight 130g
        MT402 Specifications Details
        AC Voltage 50V - 1000V
        Frequency 50/60Hz
        Voltage Detector Visual Red LED
        Voltage Detector Audible Continuous Beep
        Power On Indicator High Intensity Green LED
        Size 158 x 21 x 25mm
        Weight 34g

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Major Tech
        SKU MT-COMBO-2
        TYPE VALUE
        Brand Major Tech
        Combo TBP7-9 + MT325 + MT402

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