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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-11 | MTi15 Thermal Imager + MT745 TRMS Clamp Meter + Free MT-Airs Ear Buds
        $3,910.50 $3,555.00 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Major Tech MT-COMBO-11 | MTi15 Thermal Imager + MT745 TRMS Clamp Meter + Free MT-Airs Ear Buds video.

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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-11 | MTi15 Thermal Imager + MT745 TRMS Clamp Meter + Free MT-Airs Ear Buds


        The Major Tech MT-COMBO-11 is a powerhouse toolkit designed for electricians and technicians who require advanced diagnostic tools for comprehensive system analyses. This bundle includes the MTi15 Thermal Imager, the MT745 TRMS Clamp Meter, and a free pair of MT-Airs Wireless Earbuds, combining high functionality with mobility and ease of use.

        MTi15 Thermal Imager:

        The MTi15 is a sophisticated thermal imager featuring a 160 x 120-pixel detector capable of capturing detailed thermal readings across a wide temperature range. It supports real-time temperature analysis with features like hot, cold, and centre spot measurements, three manual spots, and area and line analysis. The 3.5" TFT LCD touchscreen enhances user interaction, while WiFi connectivity allows instant data sharing with PC, iOS, and Android devices. Its rugged design is tailored for demanding industrial environments.

        MTi15 Features:

        • High-Resolution Imaging: Captures detailed thermal patterns and temperature anomalies.
        • Versatile Temperature Range: Measures from -20°C to 650°C, suitable for various industrial applications.
        • Interactive Display: Features a touch screen for intuitive navigation and analysis.
        • Wireless Connectivity: Allows easy data sharing and instant updates to connected devices.

        MT745 TRMS Clamp Meter:

        The MT745 Clamp Meter offers True RMS measurements for AC up to 3000A and features a flexible clamp for easy application. The device includes a 3000-count backlight LCD with an analogue bar graph and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless data transfer. Its robust logging capabilities with adjustable recording intervals make it ideal for continuous monitoring and diagnostics.

        MT745 Features:

        • High-Capacity Measurement: Measures AC up to 3000A with high accuracy.
        • Flexible Usage: Comes with a flexible clamp for measuring in tight spaces.
        • Data Management: Bluetooth enabled for efficient data logging and analysis.
        • Extended Recording: Adjustable intervals for tailored monitoring over time.


        Q: What applications are best for the MTi15 Thermal Imager?
        A: The MTi15 is ideal for inspecting electrical systems, identifying heat-related issues in mechanical equipment, and conducting building diagnostics.

        Q: Can the MT745 Clamp Meter measure DC current?
        A: The MT745 specialises in AC current measurements, including True RMS, for non-linear load accuracy.

        Q: Are the MT-Airs Wireless Earbuds compatible with iOS and Android devices?
        A: Yes, the MT-Airs Wireless Earbuds are designed to work seamlessly with iOS and Android platforms, ensuring compatibility for various smart devices.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        MTi15 Specifications Range Accuracy
        Field of View 20.7° x 15.6°  
        Spatial Resolution 1.88mrad  
        Thermal Sensitivity <0.05° at 30°C/50mK  
        Image Frequency 50Hz  
        Focus Mode Manual Focus  
        Focal Length 7.5mm  
        Focal Plane Array (FPA)/Spectral Range Uncooled Microbolometer/8-14µm  
        IR Resolution 160 x 120 pixels  
        Display 3.5" TFT LCD, Touchscreen  
        Display Resolution 640 x 480 pixels  
        Image Modes IR Image, Visual Image, Pic-in-Pic, Auto Fusion  
        Colour Pallets Iron, Rainbow, Grey, Grey Inverted, Brown, Blue/Red, Feather, Zone Alarm  
        Object Temperature -20 to 150°C/0 to 650°C ±2°C or 2% of reading
        Spot Centre Spot & 3 Manual Spots  
        Automatic Auto Hot & Cold Markers
        2 Line Analysis
        3 Area Analysis
        Adjustable Emissivity 0.01 to 1.0  
        Measurement Correction Emissivity, Reflected Temperature  
        Storage Media 8GB Micro SD Card, 3.4GB Internal EMMC  
        Video Storage Mode Standard MPEG-4  
        Image Storage Mode Bitmap (.bmp) and simultaneous visual image including measurement data  
        USB Type C, Data and Live Video transfer ti PC  
        WiFi 802.11 Data and Live Video transfer to App  
        Size 230 x 76 x 40mm  
        Weight 315g  
        MT745 Specifications Range Accuracy
        Conductor Size Ø150mm ± 2.0% (max)
        AC Current 0.5A to 3000A AC ±(3% ± 5 digits)
        Frequency 50Hz – 400Hz  
        Operation temperature 5 to 40°C  
        Size 230 x 76 x 40mm  
        Weight 315g  

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Major Tech
        SKU MT-COMBO-11
        TYPE VALUE
        Brand Major Tech
        Combo MTi15 + MT745 + Free MT-AIRS

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